Rakhi Sawant set to pursue defamation case against Adil Khan Durrani at Andheri court

Rakhi Sawant, who recently returned from Saudi Arabia after her Umrah pilgrimage, finds herself embroiled in a public dispute with her estranged husband, Adil Khan Durrani. Adil, who had been incarcerated for several months, held a press conference to share his perspective on the matter. However, Rakhi has vehemently refuted all his claims, and the situation has escalated to the point where she intends to file a defamation lawsuit against Adil Khan.

Ali Kashif Khan, the legal representative for Rakhi Sawant, confirmed the news to a media house and shared that they are scheduled to visit the Andheri court on Monday, September 4, to initiate legal proceedings for defamation against Adil Khan.

Khan also disclosed that they had previously filed a defamation case against Rakhi’s former best friend, Rajshree Morey, who had made derogatory statements about Rakhi publicly. Furthermore, Khan emphasized that Adil had been granted bail and should refrain from conducting press conferences and making derogatory comments about Rakhi.

In his statement, Lawyer Ali Kashif Khan affirmed, “We have already lodged a criminal defamation case against Rajshree Morey in the Andheri magistrate court for tarnishing Rakhi’s reputation with unwarranted derogatory remarks. Tomorrow, we will be initiating a defamation case against Adil Durrani as well for persistently defaming Rakhi through media interviews. Adil is a named accused in an FIR and spent over six months in custody; he should be mindful of the conditions set by the court for his bail.”

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