Rakhi Sawant’s estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani returns to Mumbai after five-month jail term

After a period of five months spent in a Mysuru jail, Adil Khan Durrani, famously recognized as Rakhi Sawant’s former husband, has made his return to Mumbai. The Mysuru-based businessman’s legal ordeal began when he was first apprehended by the Mumbai police on February 7. Rakhi Sawant had lodged complaints against him, ranging from fraud and cheating to unnatural s*x. Subsequently, on February 21, the Mysuru police arrested him based on a rape complaint filed by an Iranian national.

Refuting the allegations in a recent interview, Adil asserts, “All of these accusations are utterly baseless. Rakhi had threatened to ruin my life, and she succeeded.”

Elaborating on their relationship, Adil recounts, “I was introduced to Rakhi by a mutual friend in Mumbai in 2021. We exchanged numbers and began communicating. I had limited knowledge of Rakhi’s past, except for the fact that she was previously married to Ritesh Singh, which ended in divorce. She informed me that the marriage dissolved due to Ritesh’s ongoing marriage. After months of courtship, Rakhi and I were married in accordance with Islamic customs on May 29, 2022, and officially registered on July 2, 2022.”

He continues, “In October of the same year, following her return from an event in London, I discovered Rakhi’s involvement with Ritesh and her infidelity. Confronting her led to her accusing me of infidelity in the media. Fatigued by the turmoil in my life, I sought a divorce. Rakhi agreed, under the condition that I provide evidence of her and Ritesh’s interactions. However, she intended to frame me. On February 7, she invited me to her residence to collect my belongings. Upon my arrival, police awaited and detained me on false charges of assault and unnatural s*x. I was subsequently arrested and incarcerated in Arthur Road jail.”

He further adds, “The allegations of unnatural s*x were disproven, and I was granted bail on February 22. However, on February 10, I learned of an Iranian woman accusing me of rape, leading to my imprisonment in Mysuru on February 21.”

Regarding the rape complaint made by the Iranian woman, Adil clarifies, “I assisted her financially; we were close friends. I invested over Rs 31 lakh in her education and provided support for her mother’s cancer treatment in Iran. Rakhi met her on two occasions. How could I commit rape when she claims to have been in a relationship with me for over five years? Rakhi persuaded her to file the rape case. Rakhi allegedly offered her Rs three lakh and promised to split the Rs 25 lakh she would receive from me for withdrawing the charges and launching her Bollywood career.”

Adil denies Rakhi’s claims that he threatened her while in jail, asserting, “Rakhi sent an individual to me in jail, stating that she and the Iranian girl wanted to resolve matters. I called her from the superintendent’s phone, and the other girl was on the line as well. We conversed for 16 minutes. Immediately, I contacted my lawyer and informed him. Shockingly, Rakhi used that call during my bail hearing, asserting that I threatened her. Subsequently, I was denied bail and spent five harrowing months in jail.”

Having been released from Mysuru jail on July 21, Adil now seeks to gather evidence to file a case against Rakhi. He vows, “The rape allegations were disproven, and I am now resolved to challenge Rakhi for falsely accusing me. One of the measures I intend to take is filing a defamation suit. My legal team will also initiate divorce proceedings. Her allegations of assault and acid threats are unfounded. I never raised a hand at her. In fact, Rakhi has assaulted me several times, and I possess evidence to support this. She claims to have invested Rs 1.5 crore in my automobile business, of which Rs 41 lakh has been repaid. I also invested in her dance academy, production house, purchased a Dubai flat, paid off a Rs 24.50 lakh loan for a Goregaon flat, and gifted her valuable items. With all matters settled, she owes me Rs 91 lakh.”

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