Rhea Chakraborty gets emotional as transgender contestant Neerja faces elimination on ‘Roadies – Karm Ya Kaand’

While the victory of gang Prince on Roadies 19 is being celebrated, gangs Gautam and Rhea find themselves in a challenging situation during the elimination round.

In a surprising turn of events, Sonu Sood announced that two roadies would be eliminated from the unsafe contestants. While the entire gang Prince remained safe, gangs Gautam and Rhea could only save two contestants each. Unfortunately, this led to the elimination of Neerja from gang Rhea and Digvijay from gang Gautam.

As the competition on “Roadies – Karm Ya Kaand” intensifies, contestants raise their game and target their fellow roadies. In the latest episode, Digvijay and Neerja faced elimination, which came as a shock to everyone. While many expected Digvijay to be eliminated, Neerja’s eviction was unexpected. Rhea Chakraborty couldn’t hold back her tears and broke down emotionally upon realizing that Neerja had to leave the show.

Rhea even appealed to Sonu Sood for one more chance for Neerja. Fortunately, Rhea and Neerja were granted another opportunity. However, none of the other contestants were willing to face consequences on Neerja’s behalf, leading to her eventual departure from the show.

Expressing her emotions, Rhea said, “This breaks my heart because I know where she comes from and how much this matters to her. As a transgender person, she has made everyone very proud, and I wish I could have saved her today. I am feeling emotional because I know her journey isn’t easy.”

In addition to the emotional elimination, the show also witnessed a heated altercation between Gautam Gulati and Prince Narula. The argument began with Prince accusing Gautam of being fake and an attention-seeker. Gautam did not take this lightly and fired back at Prince. Their feud escalated, prompting Sonu Sood and the contestants to intervene and attempt to defuse the situation.

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