Roadies Karm Ya Kaand: The game takes an intense turn as Priyanka sacrifices Immunity for Vashu’s re-entry

In a riveting turn of events, the game has taken a heated twist as Priyanka plays her Joker card, paying a steep price for her ‘Kaand’ with her ‘Karm’ by securing Vashu’s re-entry at the expense of her immunity. However, this strategic move may have consequences, as it grants immunity to the entire Gautam Gang, shielding them from the threat of a vote-out.

Vashu’s triumphant return to the game has come at a substantial cost, and with Prince Narula’s blessings, the Gautam Gang has now asserted their dominance, taking the lead in the competition. Priyanka’s selfless act also involves giving her immunity to Pallavi.

These game-changing decisions were announced by Sonu Sood, who sought Prince’s approval. Prince appeared unperturbed by the developments, displaying his support for Vashu and encouraging him to make the most of this opportunity to shine.

Prince, renowned as a shrewd strategist, places great emphasis on the spirit of sportsmanship and integrity in the game. He makes it clear to all contestants that victory should be pursued with honor and dignity, emphasizing that a dignified game is essential for both success and respect.

Vashu had previously attempted to outwit Gautam, which had earned him a degree of notoriety. Sonu Sood also advises Pallavi to express her gratitude to Prince for this act of friendship, as he encourages her to continue with the ‘Roadie’ spirit.

Suggesting that Gautam and Prince should form an alliance to increase their chances of victory, Sonu proposes the idea of friendship. However, Prince dismisses the notion, asserting that there is no need for such an alliance.

Prince proceeds to remind every contestant that they must play the game for themselves, as it is not the leaders but the contestants themselves who must shine in the end.

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