Rohit Shetty loses his temper on Shiv Thakare; says, “Ye Bigg Boss nahi hai”

The adrenaline-packed season 13 of “Khatron Ke Khiladi” has been captivating audiences with its exhilarating stunts and spirited contestants. With each passing week, the competition on the show has grown fiercer. In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect some clashes among contestants who are usually seen bonding with each other during a task. Adding to the drama, a recent promo reveals that the show’s host, Rohit Shetty, loses his cool and delivers a stern message to the contestants.

The promo commences with Rohit Shetty expressing his frustration at Archana Gautam for opting out of a water-based stunt. He chastises her and reminds her of her previous failure in a similar water stunt. Shetty proceeds to reprimand other contestants for devising their own strategies, and he even questions Archana’s commitment to continuing on the show.

Addressing Archana, Rohit Shetty says, “What’s going on, Archana? Do you think we are foolish? Our team works hard to design these tasks. We’ve been on a recce since morning, and rehearsals took place a day before. You’ve refused to do the water stunt before as well. Today, make a decision—either stay in the show or leave it.”

He then turns his attention to Shiv and Dino, remarking, “Having fun is one thing, but when you create your own strategies, I lose my patience. Why did you, Dino, make a strategy not to push anyone? I’m addressing everyone here. Do you think we’re gullible? And Shiv, this isn’t ‘Bigg Boss.’ Next time, do not use this kind of language on my show. Come, I’ll show you. I’m a stuntman; I’ve faced the toughest challenges. I’ve seen the best of the best. Don’t raise your voice in front of me.”

This isn’t the first instance of Rohit Shetty losing his temper with a contestant, as he has previously expressed his anger towards Soundous and Nyrraa Banerji.

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