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The Episode starts with Nityam worrying for Saavi. Ratna asks Nityam not to worry and says Saavi will be fine. Doctor comes there. Nityam takes Doctor to check Saavi. Ratna asks Sonam what did she do? She says you was holding prasad thaali and asks what you have mixed in it, that she fainted eating it. Sonam says it was in your hands. Ratna says if your truth and behavior comes infront of everyone, then you will not get even everyone’s hatred. Nutan comes there and asks Ratna what happened? Sonam says Mami thinks I had mixed something in the prasad. Ratna says I am sure that she had mixed something. Nutan asks her to come and says Doctor is checking Saavi. Doctor comes out with Vedika. Nityam asks what happened to my wife suddenly and says I asked her not to keep fast, but she didn’t listen to me. He says she might have fainted due to fast and asks if you have given her multi vitamin tablets. Doctor says I heard that you are very busy in work now a days, and asks her to take care of her. Vedika whispers something in Nutan’s ears, while Nutan tells Ratna, and Ratna tells Ananya and so on. Raksham whispers in Sonam’s ears. Nityam asks what happened to Saavi? Vedika tells Nutan that she had said that she will give bribe. Nutan says that’s why this good news came. They all congratulate each other. Sonam is upset. Nityam asks everyone, what happened to Saavi. Saavi comes out. Nityam asks what Doctor said and asks her to say fast. Raksham, Himesh and all the family members start dancing on kya kehna music. Nityam asks what happened, why nobody is telling me? Vedika says you are going to be a father. Nityam is surprised and emotional. Everyone dances happily. Vedika says I will become Dadi. Dadu says I will become Par Dadu. Nutan says I will be Nani. Everyone smiles happily. Saavi asks Nityam why he is teary eyed. Vedika asks if he is scared that the kid will trouble his mother. Nityam says he will keep all his mischief on his head. Raksham says don’t spoil my nephew, he is Dalmia heir. Everyone tells that he will be hardworking like Saavi, Himesh says he will be smiling like me.

Sonam breaks the glass angrily while everyone swing the cradle together. She comes to the room and shouts Saavi, can’t give the heir first, I was behind Saavi, and I don’t want my child to be behind Saavi’s child, and says I will not let this happen. She asks herself to make everything fine, and thinks to do something to harm her baby. Raksham comes to Sonam and asks what happened to her. Sonam says glass fell down and broke from her hand, and that’s why she came to the room, and didn’t want to spoil Saavi’s happiness. Nityam takes Saavi to the room and makes her sit. Saavi says I am fine. Nityam says she shall not lift any weight, not even cooker and shall not worry for any money, and says he will handle everything. He tells that he will call the baby as Nittu and will teach him cycling, trekking and when he turns 16, then I will….Saavi says you have forgotten his mother. Nityam says I wanted to become the father of my child, like I wanted in my Papa. He says he couldn’t get his father’s love and happiness in his childhood, and that happiness he wants to give to his child. Saavi says you will be the best papa of this world and I want our child to be like you. Nityam says like you and me.

Raksham bandages Sonam’s hand. Sonam reminisces old times and tells that you used to roam around me like a majnu, that’s why Saavi used to call you Majnu Bhaiyya. She says everyone is happy and seeing everyone happy, I want to become a mother and asks if we can start a family, and says we shall give a chance to our relation, and asks him not to snatch this right from her, and says even I have the right to become a mother. Raksham says I have no love for you, in my heart like before, you have hurt me and insulted me, I am trying to forgive you, but couldn’t forgive you. He says I want you to accept this soon. Sonam says don’t say this. Raksham goes. Sonam gets angry and opens the bandage from her hand. She shouts and says you have to forgive me, I will give the first heir of this house, and not Saavi.

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