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The Episode starts with Raksham and Sonam coming out of the house ignoring Vedika. Vedika wonders what has happened to them. Sonam and Raksham leave in the car happily. Saavi comes home and shouts calling Nityam. She asks Dadu where is Nityam? Vedika comes there and asks her to see Nityam’s condition, says she will serve the food. Saavi asks Nityam if Raksham Bhaiyya had come and made you sign some papers. Vedika says yes, he had come and went to Nityam. Nityam says I have signed on those papers. Saavi is shocked and asks did you read the papers before signing. Nityam says no. Saavi holds her head and cries. Vedika asks what happened? Saavi says until now whatever has happened, starting from raid, Nityam’s arrest and stay in jail, resigning from CEO post etc is all done by Raksham Bhaiyya. Vedika shouts Saavi. Saavi says I am saying truly and says Raksham Bhaiyya is behind Nityam’s destruction. Vedika says you have gone mad. Saavi says I am saying truth and tells them everything about tracking Sajjan Singh and finding out from him. She tells them that the attack was planned on Raksham and Bhura made him meet Sajjan Singh. She tells whatever Sajjan Singh said. Vedika says I don’t believe on it and says I will call Raksham now.

Sonam congrats Raksham and says finally you got what you deserve, and what was yours? Raksham is about to unveil the cloth from something. Vedika calls Raksham. Sonam takes phone from his hand and rejects the call. Vedika gets worried. Saavi asks Nityam to come with her, and save Dalmia Industries. Raksham unveils Chauhan and Sons board. The investors and some employees standing there claps for him. Barjatya congratulates Raksham. Kiran sees it and goes out. Nityam and Saavi come to the office. They see Kiran coming out crying. Nityam asks what happened? Nityam says Raksham Sir has snatched everything from you and asks him to see Chauhan and Sons board. Nityam is in shock and gets teary eyes. Vedika and Himesh come there. Kiran goes behind Nityam. Raksham, Sonam, Barjatya and others come out of office. Nityam gets angry. Raksham’s father Bhura comes there and stands infront of Vedika. Vedika recognizes him and stops him. Nityam grabs Raksham’s collar and asks why did you do this with me. Himesh and Raksham’s guards stop Nityam. The investors go inside the house. Bhura sits in Nityam’s car. Raksham and Sonam also sit in the same car and leave. Nityam gets teary eyes and looks at the Dalmia Industries board. He recalls getting the board placed when he started the company.

Saavi gets teary eyes too. Nityam cries for trusting Raksham. Saavi leaves in Chattriprasad. Kiran says Raksham Sir has planned big and got everything on his name. Himesh says we will go to Police. Nityam says Raksham Bhaiyya has snatched everything from me. Himesh says we will go to PS and asks him to get up, says we have to get everything back. Kiran and Himesh make Nityam get up. Saavi is riding Chattriprasad and crying. She says how Nityam was shattered. Nutan calls Sonam, but she doesn’t pick the call. Nutan then calls Saavi. Saavi picks the call. Nutan says I am calling you since a long time and says she is worried and asks what is going on? Saavi cries and tells Nutan that Raksham Bhaiyya has snatched everything from us, and did so bad with his younger brother. Nutan sits in shock. Brijesh asks what happened and asks Ratna to bring water. Ratna brings water. Nutan tells Brijesh that a big storm has come and shaken up Dalmias, and tells that Raksham has betrayed Nityam and snatched company and everything from Nityam.

Brijesh says how can he do this? Ratna says this is Kalyug and says we just want the ear wax to be out, and says property went from one son in law’s hands and to other son in law’s hand. She says thank God, the property didn’t go to any outsider. Brijesh asks Ratna to think before saying. He says a big betrayal has happened with Nityam and you are saying that it is God’s will. Ananya says we shall go there. Brijesh says no, don’t know what they are going through. Nutan tells Brijesh that it is their house matter, and says my one daughter is happy and other daughter is sad. She says they are my daughters and not ear wax. She says I shall be with Saavi, and go there. Ratna says even we shall go there. Inspector shows the photos which Raksham sent him, in which Nityam is posing with one rupee in his hand while Raksham is holding the file. Inspector says Raksham Dalmia had come and said that Nityam had sold the company to him for Rs. 1. Nityam gets shocked and looks at it, and recalls his lie.

Precap: Sonam confronts Raksham and asks if he has forgotten his mother’s upbringing for father’s love. She says today she is hesitant to call him Bhaiyya. Raksham says only my sister can stay here, and not Nityam’s wife. He holds her hand and pushes her out, Nityam holds her. Nityam says today nobody will say anything, it is matter of two brothers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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