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The Episode starts with Inspector telling Nityam, Vedika and Himesh that Raksham had come here and gave one set of transfer papers in which it is clearly written that Nityam Dalmia has sold his company to him for Rupee. 1. Himesh says this is a fraud and says why will anyone give their crores of company to someone for Rupee 1. He asks him to file complaint against Raksham. Inspector refuses. Nityam holds Himesh’s hand and goes from there. Vedika cries. Bhura Chauhan says Dalmia house. Raksham touches his feet and says it is Chauhan house, and says you have taken my revenge, that’s why I say that I am not Bhole naag who is on the neck, but I am jungle snake who bites on the back. Saavi comes there and claps hearing him. She says you are celebrating by ruining someone’s world. She says bholenaath snake protect us, but snake in sleeves back bites like you have bite your brother. She says you have forgotten your mother’s upbringing for father’s love and says today she is hesitant to call him Bhaiyya, as the person standing infront of her is Bhura Chauhan’s son. Raksham shouts Saavi. Saavi says truth will not change if you shout. Sonam comes infront of her and says Saavi enough, and says you shall not forget that I am your elder sister, and he is my husband and I will not hear anything against my husband. Saavi says wah didi, the person with whose presence, you used to get irritated and whom you used to call as loser, today you are defending him, when he is wrong. Sonam asks her to stop it, and raises her hand to slap her.

Saavi holds her hand, and says atleast he had reason, but you have shaken up the house which gave you status and lavish life, and you didn’t think that the house is of your younger sister. Sonam turns her face. Saavi asks why did you do this, your husband is wrong then why you didn’t stop him, and says I always helped you in every step, and I have handled you always, and you used to see the drama and didn’t stop him. Sonam acts and says what I would have done. She says Maa and you used to tell me, that I shall be with my husband and says how to leave him, he is my husband and I love him, and says if your husband was on his place, then wouldn’t have supported Nityam.

Saavi holds Raksham’s hand and says you are not a bad person and whatever you are doing was in his (his father’s) influence. She says we shall make a new start. Raksham says this is my new start and says you are Sonam’s sister and can stay here. Saavi says this house is mine too, and says I have relation with this house, this is my sasural and says the girl stays in her sasural after marriage. She is about to go inside. Raksham says only my sister can stay here, and not Nityam’s wife, and says this is not your sasural. He asks her to get out. Bhura Chauhan drinks wine and smiles. Saavi says I will stay here and Nityam will also stay here. Raksham holds her hand and looks at his father, who signs him to throw her out. Raksham holds her hand and pushes her outside. Saavi falls on Nityam, who has just come there. Nityam holds her. Vedika and Himesh get shocked, seeing this.

Bhura sits on the floor and drinks. Nityam, Vedika and Himesh get inside. Nityam says today nobody will say between the two brothers, and says two brothers will talk. He says why Gattu Bhaiyya, what was the need to do so much planning and dirtyness. He says if you had asked me then I would have given you everything just like that, and says I regarded you as my papa, friend, brother, and everything then why did you betray me? He asks him to answer. Bhura Chauhan says I will answer. Raksham goes to him and holds him as he stumbles in drunkard state. Vedika looks at the inhouse temple. Raksham says not today, and says I will tell him the truth. He says I have snatched your everything from you, your home, respect and pride, just like everything was snatched from me by your father and mother. He asks Vedika if you didn’t tell Nityam about what had happened on that black night, atleast he wouldn’t have been depressed today and understood all the game, would have understood why he is being punished and for what crime.

Vedika says I didn’t give you birth, but you are my son and Nityam is your younger brother. Raksham says you are not my mother, and he is not my brother. He says you are an imposter woman who adopted me, to hide your husband’s sin and became great in society view. Nityam shouts what is the way to talk to Maa like this and asks him to talk to her with manners. Raksham says neither she is my mother nor you are my brother. He says this is my baba Bhura Chauhan and I am Raksham bhura chauhan and not Raksham Dalmia. He says due to this woman, my baba spent 14 years in jail, my childhood was lost and my family was separated from me. Bhura Chauhan says enough and asks him to calm down. He tells Nityam that it is son’s duty to repay father’s debt and asks him to think that he has paid for his father’s debt. He asks Vedika if he said right. Raksham tells Vedika that there are a storm of questions in Nityam’s mind and says he has the right to know. He asks Nityam to ask her. Nityam asks Vedika to say. Vedika recalls Satyam hitting the guy with his car.

Precap: Raksham tells that he is ready to give everything back to Nityam, but the latter has to do my baba’s seva, and has to rub his nose on his feet daily. Saavi says enough, you want to humiliate Nityam daily. Nityam tells Raksham that he will get back his everything using the coin which he has given him. Nityam asks Saavi to pack their bags.

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