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The Episode starts with family members discussing about the baby after 3 months. Ananya tells that baby will be cute like Saavi di. Tashvi says baby will be like her/his Papa. Ananya asks what is in jiju that the baby shall be like him. Tashvi asks what is in Saavi that baby shall be like her. They sing praising the qualities of Saavi and Nityam in a musical way. Vedika says the baby will be like both, and says both shall be blessed always. Sonam gets upset as the family rejoices.

After 1 month:

Nityam comes to Saavi and asks why she is working in kitchen. Saavi says she was getting bored. Nityam asks if you want to see the fun, and calls Giridhar asking why Saavi is working in kitchen alone. Everyone comes there and starts working in the kitchen. Nityam takes Saavi out of the kitchen. Saavi asks him to go. Nityam is getting Saavi’s phone hanged on the wall. Saavi says she will hang his photo and brings his photo. They argue. Nityam says I want my baby to be cute like you. Saavi says she wants him to be handsome like him. Vedika hangs Saavi and Nityam’s photo and tells that their baby shall be Sayam. Sonam looks at the photo frame and says so cute. Everyone is happily playing games, when Saavi informs them that the baby kicked. Nityam rushes to her. Everyone happily dances.

After 2 months:

Nityam asks vedika to sit quietly and says now it is 3:1. He says Saavi will do what we have seen. Nityam, Tashvi and Ananya teach the exercise to Saavi. Vedika nods as if she don’t like. Nutan comes there and asks what they are doing? Vedika says 1, 2, 3 and 4 and says he has seen this exercise on the internet. Nutan says we used to do poocha/wipe the floor in our pregnancy. Vedika calls Raksham and he brings bucket and cloth to wipe the floor. Raksham tells Nityam that it is now 4:3, as Sonam, Raksham and Nutan are with Vedika. Vedika asks Saavi to do poocha. Nityam says Saavi will not do Poocha. They argue. Saavi says she will not do anything and is about to cry. Vedika says you made her cry. Saavi first exercise and then do poocha with her hand. Nityam also do poocha with her. Sonam takes the cloth and wipes the floor with Saavi. The song plays beautiful…..Nityam keeps hand on Saavi’s hand and takes her to the room. Saavi gets happy and teary eyed seeing the baby room filled with toys.

After 1 month:

Saavi says when our baby comes, then we will make him/her hear Mahakaal and angel stories. Nityam takes her to the cupboard. Saavi looks at the baby frock and cries. Nityam asks Saavi, why you are crying and asks if you are hungry? Saavi nods no. Saavi asks if you don’t like the clothes, then I will buy other clothes. Saavi says clothes are really good, our baby will rule on us in few days and gets emotional.

Raksham comes to Sonam and sees her holding her fake baby bump. She asks Raksham if he really don’t want to become a father. Raksham says he don’t want her to be his baby’s mother. Sonam asks why you want to punish me, and says it is my dream to become a mother, and says when Saavi can give good news then why can’t I? She says until when I will have this pillow. Raksham says your dreams are cheap. Sonam asks if I am unlucky not to fulfill my dreams. Raksham tells that Saavi has made her life with her honesty and truthfulness, and tells Sonam that now it is too late for you to become better. Sonam gets angry and tears the pillow with the knife.

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