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The Episode starts with Nityam asking Vedika what had happened 27 years before. Vedika says Bhura Chauhan was your father’s loyal worker, he used to work in the factory. He says your Papa was very much stressed those days, and one day Bhura and your father was returning home from factory, suddenly a drunkard man came infront of the car and died. She tells that your father thought about factory, if he had gone to jail then factory would have been closed. She says Bhura agreed to take the blame on himself, and he thought that the punishment would be less, but we lost the case. She says we had promised to take care of his family, when I went there, I came to know that his wife went somewhere and left her 2 month old son somewhere, and that boy was Raksham, and I brought him home as his mother. Raksham says you brought me home, so that you can get rid of your guilt and so that your husband can live a good life. Vedika tells him that she accepted him as her son and tells that everyone knows how much she loves him. She says he made him mother first and then Nityam. She asks Nityam to see what he is doing? Raksham says everything is lie, and tells that you have betrayed my baba. He tells Nityam that his mistake is that he is Satyam and Vedika Dalmia. He says Nityam will be punished for his father’s sins. Bhura tells that he is not Bhole’s snake who is on the neck, but jungle snake who backbites.

Nutan, Ratna, Ananya and Brijesh come there. Nutan says I will talk to Raksham ji, and asks her to handle himself. She tells Raksham that it is their house matter, and I don’t have any right to give my opinion, but please don’t do this. She folds her hands before him. Raksham says you have full right on me, and says I have relation with you which is not adulterated. He says you are my saas and have full fight on me, and says whatever is happening in this house, our relation will not change, this is my promise to you. Nutan asks why did you do this, when you respect others, and asks him to look at Saavi, Nityam, Vedika, Dada ji and Tashvi and says they are your own family, why you are turning your face from them. Raksham says I am not doing wrong with anyone, and is just settling old scores, the game which Satyam and Vedika Dalmia had played, I am taking that game forward, and says my baba 14 years, my childhood and family are ruined. He says I am ready to return everything to Nityam, and asks him to ask him to return my childhood, my baba’s 14 years, my identity. He says when he can’t return me this, then why shall I return everything to him. Nutan folds her hands and asks him not to let the past affect the present.

Raksham says I didn’t ask anyone to leave from the house, if they stay here, then I will get my answers. He says nityam will not get his chair, and now he has to take care of my baba and does his seva, has to massage his feet, has to do boot polish, has to rub his nose on his feet and has to apologize to him daily. He says you are my younger brother, so I want to see you becoming small. Saavi says enough and says if you had asked us to do your baba’s seva rightfully then we would have done it, but you want to humiliate Nityam every day. She says you have changed the meaning of an elder son and asks him to make everything fine before it is too late. Raksham says it is too late now. Nityam says there is no confusion that you have betrayed me, but you did one thing right by giving me 1 Rupee in my hand, and says it will be reminder for me which will remind me that I have to get back everything from you, by handing over this coin to you, Mr. Raksham Dalmia and then says Raksham Chauhan. He asks Saavi to pack their bags. Saavi says but. Nityam asks her to do packing and goes. Sonam cries and hugs Nutan, saying she tried to make Raksham understand, but he didn’t agree and that he gets very angry. She acts as innocent. Ratna asks Sonam, if you are really worried or that you are happy. Sonam asks what do you want? Ratna shows college admission registration form. Sonam says ok.

Vedika packs her bags and recalls Raksham’s words. Saavi comes there and asks what you are doing? Vedika says I know that we will be punished, but didn’t know that my son will be punished, and says I asked Nityam to resign and give his everything. She says I am become his guilty. Saavi asks her not to blame herself. Vedika says both Gattu and Bittu are my two eyes and says I am standing on the place where I have to choose between the two. Vedika says no, I will go with Nityam else he will be alone. Saavi says I will be with him. Vedika says Bittu needs him. Saavi asks what about Gattu? Nityam and Saavi come to hall with their stuff. Nityam asks Vedika where is your bag and says you will come with me. Raksham says if Vedika ji wanted then she can stay here. Nityam says you shall call her Maa, and says when she loved you so much, and you can’t call her Maa, then she will not stay with you and will go with me. Vedika says I will stay with Gattu here.

Precap: Raksham kicks Nityam’s trolley. Nityam asks how much you will stoop. Raksham asks I want to see what you are taking, as everything is mine now. He takes the family photo and tears it. Sonam thinks finally good bye Saavi. Nityam and Saavi leave from home.

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