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The Episode starts with Ratna asking Nutan what happened, why her tears are not of happy tears. Nutan says I gave birth to both and gave same values to them, but my elder daughter has become my younger daughter’s enemy and says I ask Mahadev, where my values had gone wrong? Ratna says your values are good, it is Sonam’s mistake that she can’t understand it. Nutan says if everything was fine between Sonam and Raksham, then I would have been packing gifts for her godh bharayi. She says today she is missing Sonam’s father and says she was stable when he was alive, and since he went, she got filled up with anger. She misses him. Ananya gives kurta to Brijesh. Brijesh says it is dark color. Ananya asks him to wear it. Ratna comes there and asks him to make jiji quiet and says she is crying missing jija ji. Brijesh goes to Nutan and says your daughters are your life. She says God has given happiness to Saavi, and has filled her lap with immense happiness, and says God will bring happiness in Sonam’s life too. Ratna says we will pray that Sonam shall mend her ways for better and her life shall become happy.

Nityam and Vedika make Saavi ready. Vedika tells Saavi that the necklace is given to her by UD when she was pregnant and says it is ancestral necklace. She goes. Nityam asks Saavi if she will forget him after the baby is born. Saavi says even I can ask you the same thing. They had a cute moment. Bhura hires a goon and asks him to wear saree. He gives a bundle. Sonam thinks if Bhura has done her work or not, as function is about to start. Saavi comes there and asks Sonam what is she doing here? Sonam says insurance people are calling. Bhura calls Sonam. Saavi sees Bhura’s call and says you said that you have ended ties with him. Sonam says yes, may be he called for money. Saavi asks her to pick the call. Sonam gets worried. Tashvi comes there and calls Saavi. Saavi tells Sonam that she hopes that she is not doing against her family and says her eyes are on her. She goes. Sonam calls Bhura. Bhura asks her to make a video call to her, so that he can show the attacker to her. Sonam looks at the attacker and says he is looking as theatre artiste. The attacker says he is a knife factory and laughs. Sonam says ok. She thinks Saavi’s happiness are over. Dadu, Himesh and Nityam see Satyam’s photo frame. Dadu misses Satyam and says if he was alive then would have seen that Nityam is like him. Nityam says his baby will not have a grand father, in this case, Dadu’s responsibility doubles for the baby. Himesh asks what I will do for the baby? Dadu says you will teach the baby. Himesh says no, Nityam is best at teaching and shall teach the baby. Nityam smiles.

Everyone shouts Saavi. The goon keeps knife at Saavi’s neck and says nobody shall come forward, else I will push her. He asks Saavi to give all the jewellery which she is wearing. Sonam recalls asking him to push Saavi down so that her tummy gets hurt. Nityam and Raksham sign each other. Nityam throws something on the goon, while Raksham holds the goon. Nityam holds Saavi to safety. The goon says he will do the work for what he has come. He throws knife in air and it is about to hit Sonam, when Saavi comes infront of Sonam and pushes the knife and falls down. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Raksham tells the family that Sonam tried to kill Saavi and her baby. Nityam tells Sonam that if something happens to Saavi or the baby then he will forget that she is Saavi’s sister and Raksham’s wife. Doctor congrats Nityam and tells that baby girl is born. Nityam gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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