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The Episode starts with Nityam getting shocked when Vedika tells him that she will stay with Gattu and will not go anywhere. Nityam says you are not understanding Maa, and says the person who is insulting you so much infront of me, what will he do behind my back, and asks her to come with him. Vedika says Bau ji, Himesh and Tashvi will stay with me. Nityam says you have played a wonderful game, you have snatched all relations from me. Saavi asks Nityam to come, and says we shall respect Maa’s decision. Saavi recalling telling Vedika that Raksham is not wrong, but don’t know what he is doing now. She says we know what he had gone through all life, and says only you have open his blindfold. Vedika says if I don’t go then Nityam will be shattered. Saavi says if you go with Nityam then Raksham’s father will fill more poison in his heart. She says I have told and says when the storm comes, a mother holds both her children’s hands, and when the storm increases, the mother holds one son’s hand and that’s of weak son, as she knew that her strong son will sail through and will survive anyhow. She says your weak son is Raksham, and says you know better. Vedika says I will not let him drown. She kisses Saavi and asks her to do packing. Fb ends.

Nityam tells Vedika that always her elder son was her favorite and says today she have proved it, and asks if I don’t deserve to be called as your son, as I have nothing left. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum plays……Vedika and Saavi have a hug. Saavi takes out the house keys and gives it to Sonam. Nityam hugs Himesh, touches Dada ji’s feet. Tashvi hugs him. Nityam takes his stuff to leave from the house. Vedika goes to her room and cries. Vedika looks at Satyam’s photo and says the mistake which we have done, Saavi and Nityam is bearing the punishment for it, and asks him to stop them from going to vanvas. Raksham suddenly kicks Nityam’s trolley in air, it opens up. Nityam asks what is this misbehavior? Raksham says I want to see what you are taking from home, after all everything is mine. He looks at Nityam’s trophies and certificates, and tears them. He then throws it on Nityam. Nityam grabs his collar and gets angry.

Saavi tells Nityam that Raksham bhaiyya has lost his conscience to think and says he feels that he can harm you by tearing your certificates and degrees, and says I trust my husband’s knowledge and expertise, and says he can make 10 companies like Dalmia Industries, but whatever you have broken today, can’t be repaired. Raksham asks if you are talking about this family photo, and tears it. Saavi says heart relations can never break. Sonam thinks finally good bye Saavi. Saavi and Nityam leave from there. Tashvi takes Dadu to his room. Vedika is still crying and recalls Saavi’s grah pravesh. She comes out and calls Saavi. She says I know you are very upset now, and says I don’t want to make you understand. She tells Nityam that she wants to give him something along with her blessings. She brings Ram and Sita’s idol from the temple and gives to Nityam and Saavi. She says Mahakaal connected you both with kundali and then love happened, but didn’t think even in dreams that Mahakaal will give you Vanvas, and says my house is Ayodhya and you both are Ram and Sita. Saavi says Vanvas might be longer, but it ends one day, and says very soon he will realize his mistake and I swear that the house relations will become more stronger which is weak today, and says everything will be fine like before, I promise you. Vedika hugs Nityam and Saavi and cries. Saavi and Nityam recall their moments, and leave from the house. Vedika looks on worried.

Precap: Saavi and Nityam come to hanuman gali. The neighbors taunt Nityam and insult him. A neighbor Sarla taunt them to give her money. Ratna tells Brijesh that the fight started because of Damad ji.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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