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The Episode starts with Saavi leaving from Dalmia house. Nutan hugs Vedika and comes out. She asks Saavi to take Chattriprasad’s keys and says sometimes things are not in our control and the ways seems to be closed, but Bholenath ji shows some way somehow. Saavi says there is no way or destination till far, and asks where we will go with Chattriprasad. Nutan says to hanuman gali, your house and says you are daughter of that house, and has full right on it. She tells Nityam that a mother wants to take them to her house, and says it is very small, but I assure that we will be with you, and you will get all the love and respect in our house. Nityam says but Maa. Nutan says think it as my request or selfishness, and says you both will come with us to hanuman gali. Nityam says ok Maa. Saavi tells Nityam that Saavi ki savaari is ready for him. Bhura tells that he is jungle snake who backbites. Raksham, Sonam and Bhura laugh aloud like mad. Saavi brings Nityam to hanuman gali. The neighbors are waiting and take their video and photos. Nityam recalls how they were giving them respect before. Another neighbor says the video will be viral, Ujjain’s businessman is here. Other neighbors also taunt Nityam and Saavi. Nutan asks Saavi to come. The guy asks Nityam to say something and asks Saavi if Jiju will stay with us here, and says he had raid for 10 crores Rs in his house. Saavi tries to stop the guy Prakash, but he insisted Nityam to say. Nityam asks him to move back and pushes his phone. He gets injury on his hand and Prakash’s phone breaks. The guy asks him to give 14000 Rs. Nityam says you want money and recalls that he has no money. Prakash and the lady insult Nityam, and tell that his condition is more worst than the drunkard guy. He says if anger is not matching with your status, then you shall absorb it. Prakash says I want my 14000 Rs. Brijesh asks for 1 week’s time to return his money. He asks Saavi to take Nityam inside. Nutan argues with Prakash and closes the door.

Saavi asks Ananya to bring first aid box. She gets the box herself and sits to bandage his hand. Nityam recalls the neighbors insulting him. Prakash’s mother Sarla knocks on the door and asks Nityam to give them 14000 Rs. Nutan says we will give the money later. Sarla pushes the door and gets inside. She says I will take something from your house. Ratna pushes her and they argue fighting physically. Ratna and Sarla have a fight. Nityam stands shocked. Saavi, Ananya and Nutan try to stop them. Brijesh asks Nityam to go inside, and says this is daily problem. Sarla tells Ratna that she used to beg infront of her, when Nityam used to come, and says you had widow sister in law, and her two daughters and bankrupt damad. Ratna argues with her. Nutan asks Ratna to stop it, and says what damad ji will think. Ratna says let him be habitual to hear this.

Saavi asks Nityam not to worry and says Sarla aunty might be angry about old stuff. Ratna says Sarla was my friend and used to give whatever I had asked, and tells that the fight started when Nityam came, and says until Sarla gets the money, she won’t be quiet. Nutan asks Saavi to take him inside. Saavi takes him to Nutan’s room. Nityam tells Saavi that they will not stay here and says they will check in the hotel, and then realizes and tells that he will call his friend and asks him to give his farm house to stay for few days. He calls his friend, but he refuses. Nityam gets angry and calls another friend. Nobody agrees to help him. Nityam gets angry. Saavi says Nityam. Nityam continues to call his friends, and says when I needed your help, I helped you and when I need your help, you don’t want to help me. He throws his phone in anger. Nutan hears him and asks Brijesh if she has done a mistake by bringing Damad ji here. He tells Saavi that he has no true friend and tells that they are all selfish. He says I will do something. Saavi asks him not to do anything, which hurts Mami, Mama and Maa. Nutan goes out.

Precap: Sonam laughs. Vedika comes there and asks what is going on? Sonam says they are organizing party for Raksham’s company. Raksham taunts Vedika for not going with Nityam. Ananya refuses to give her room to Nityam and Saavi. Ratna takes them to storeroom and asks them to stay there.

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