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The Episode starts with Nityam saying Saavi that he will do something. Saavi asks him not to do anything which will hurt Mami, Mama and Maa. Nityam comes out of room and hears Nutan apologizing to Brijesh for bringing Nityam there, when she herself is burden on him. brijesh says when I met with an accident, I thought why bholenath is punishing me, but he showed me the way in the form of the agarbatti business and you as my support. He says do you know what is the successful person, who gets peaceful sleep on the mat, who gets happy after having dry rotten roti, he might feel lonely but if he has his family at his side, then nobody is successful than him. He says I don’t have wealth, but I have family’s wealth. He says if Bittori and Damad ji stay here, then I will be more wealthy. Nityam hears them and goes inside again. He tells Saavi that they will stay here. Saavi hugs him happily. Nityam says but we will not stay here for more days, until we get place to stay. He asks for tea. Saavi says I will make tea. Nityam asks where we will shift. Saavi says Maa said, she will get Ananya’s room vacant for us. Nityam calls her near and says I love you. Saavi says even me. She goes to make tea.

Vedika imagines Nityam and hugs him. Nityam asks why you was waiting for me. Vedika says until you have food. Nityam asks if you will not have food, if I go away for 3-4 days. Vedika says I will not eat food. Nityam asks if I go for long time, then? She realizes he is her imagination. Himesh comes to her and says you didn’t take the medicine today. He says when you have taken the decision, then you shall stick to it. They hear Raksham and Sonam laughing. They go there. Sonam says they are throwing party for Raksham’s company. Vedika says we are mourning now in the house and you want to party. Sonam says you say that Raksham is your elder son, but don’t regard him and is staying here for name sake. Himesh says Vedika didn’t mean this. Bhura comes there and asks if she stayed here for the luxuries of the house. Raksham asks if she stayed back as she thought that Nityam can’t do anything now and asks what to call you. Vedika says just Maa. Raksham asks her to give proof and asks her to invite the guests for the party tomorrow. He calls Mr. Agarwal and says my Mother is personally inviting the guests. Mr. Agarwal says hello. Vedika recalls Saavi’s words and invites Mr. Agarwal and his family for the party.

Nutan asks Saavi not to wash the utensils, and says she will wash. She asks her to go and stay in Ananya’s room. Saavi says they will shift to upstairs room, as Ananya needs her room to study. Brijesh asks Ratna if she said anything to Saavi. Ratna says she didn’t tell and asks Ananya to say. Ananya says she told Maa that she needs her room to study and Saavi must have overheard them. She refuses to give her room to Saavi and Nityam. Nityam comes there. Saavi says we will shift to other room. Ratna tells Nityam that she will take them to their room. Nityam goes with her. Nutan asks Saavi to change her clothes. Saavi asks where is my clothes? Nutan says you had taken them to Dalmia house, and says just we had your kurtis here, and asks her to wear it today, and says she will buy clothes for her. Saavi says its ok.

Ratna takes Nityam to room, she gets scared of rats and hugs him. She tells him that it is their storeroom, they keep all the waste stuff here. Saavi brings broom and bucket and says she will clean it. Ratna says ok, and tells Nityam that if he needs anything then he shall shout like brijesh, and in the night when he wants to go to bathroom, then he shall go to the public toilet on the road which Saavi made for the auto rickshaw drivers.

Saavi starts cleaning the store room and asks Nityam to stay outside till she cleans it, and says there is so much dust here. Nityam goes outside and looks at Saavi through the window. He recalls promising Saavi during marriage.

Precap: Razzak brings old clothes for Nityam and tells Saavi. Nityam refuses to wear such clothes. Ratna informs Sonam that Nityam has left home and says in this situation, either the person gets mad or commits suicide. Sonam smiles. Saavi gets teary eyes.

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