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The Episode starts with Ratna getting happy after troubling Nityam and Saavi. Sonam calls Ratna and asks what is happening here? Ratna says everything is good here, and says she will make a video call to her. Sonam says yes, call me. Ratna makes a video call and shows her Nityam and Saavi starting their life in storeroom, and are smiling. Ratna says we are taking good care of them and laughs. Sonam ends the call and thinks how they can be happy in such bad situation. Nityam helps Saavi and puts the rice bag as the mat on the floor to wipe the feet. Nityam goes out and sees the busy hanuman gali, where people are fighting. He checks his credit cards from his wallet and recalls that all the cards are blocked. He finds the coin falling down from his wallet and recalls Raksham’s words and his betrayal. He recalls hanuman gali people laughing at him, Raksham, Sonam, Bhura and others laughing at him. He keeps hand on his ears. Saavi cleans the room and places the idols in it. Nityam burns the credit and debit cards. Saavi sees him burning the cards and pushes him at the right time, so that he don’t get hurt. She takes him inside the room, and asks what you was doing, there was fire outside, what you was burning? Nityam says my respect…He says I am Nityam Dalmia and I can’t buy good clothes for my wife, and says the betrayal fire by my family is burning me and making me yearn all the time. He says you had brought Raksham in our lives, and says if you had not searched him, then I wouldn’t have got big betrayal of my life, and we wouldn’t have been here. He says I have taken swear to keep you happy always and take care of your needs, but today I am helpless and doesn’t have anything. Saavi says if I had known that Raksham Bhaiyya would do this, then I wouldn’t have let him come in our lives. She says you shall not forget that you are Nityam Dalmia, and says we will cross any hurdle and everything will be fine. She asks him to let his pain flow, so see the way clearly. Nityam says I couldn’t live Saavi, I am feeling much pain and is not understanding what to do. Saavi makes him sleep on the small single bed. She prays to God.

Next day, Brijesh says good morning and asks Saavi has come. Saavi says in full speed. Ratna asks shall I send him luxury food and taunts Nityam for doing fraud when she knows that Raksham has done it. Saavi tells Nutan that she is very scared for Nityam and says how he will bear everything. Nutan says even Ram had gone to 14 years vanvas, and he had kept much patience. Saavi says Ram had lakshman, but Nityam… Nutan tells that Ram, Lakshman and Sita’s relation are very strong. She asks Saavi not to accept defeat and don’t let him lose either. Razzak comes there and tells that he has brought clothes for Jiju, whatever you said. Saavi says it is good and color is also good. Brijesh asks from where you got so many clothes. Razzak says he brought it from Sunday Market and says I got A 1 quality stuff. He says if anyone will say that I brought it from the road. Saavi asks him to tell the price. Razzak asks her to give the money when Nityam earns money. Nityam comes there. Saavi tells him that Razzak bhai has come and has brought so many clothes for you, from the market, she asks him to see once. Nityam looks at the clothes and asks if I will wear this.

He says it is very nice, and perfect for Nityam Dalmia. He says you have told Razzak that I will wear road side clothes. Razzak says jiju. Saavi says my wife wants to tell everyone, that I have become so poor that I don’t have any rupee, and anyone can give charity to Nityam’s welfare fund. Saavi says no. Nityam says you want to prove that I am a loser. Saavi says no. Nityam says I was Nityam Dalmia, I am Nityam Dalmia and will always be Nityam Dalmia. Saavi asks where are you going? Nityam says I am very angry now and says we will talk later. He goes out. Saavi stands sad. Ratna asks Nityam to have breakfast before going and says have parathas with butter, and says you can’t get angry in empty stomach. She asks Razzak if he will have food. Razzak says no. He goes. Saavi is in shock and asks Bholenath, what happened to Nityam and asks why he can’t see goodness around him, when I trust him, then why he don’t trust himself.

Sonam gets Ratna’s call. She says my inhouse’s reporter. Ratna says Razzak had brought footpath clothes for Nityam, and the latter got very angry, and scolded Saavi a lot. She says I really enjoyed, and says he went from home. She says she is having the parathas made for him. Sonam asks if he really left from home. Ratna says he will either commit suicide or will get mad. Sonam gets happy. Saavi cries praying to God.

Precap: Saavi searches for Nityam. Ratna acts to be worried. Kalpesh takes Nityam to the bar and gives him drink. Nityam misunderstands Saavi and drinks wine. He dances and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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