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The Episode starts with Saavi telling the auto drivers that if they all work together, then anything is possible. Everyone is confused. Nityam says when Saavi told me about this plan, I was in dilemma if it will work or not. He says it looks good when heard, but I thought it is impossible, then I thought of Saavi’s words and it has become I am possible. He says we have the project, and we can do marketing itself, as you have to keep pamphlet of the project on your autos. He says you all have to trust on this project and me. Raksham asks the auto drivers to calm down and says he will make everything fine. Barjatya says market value is against you, and asks until when we shall trust you. Sonam says we have more danger from Nityam and Saavi, than from the market. She says Nityam has started Chattriprasad project again, we all know that he is honest and has all the auto drivers support. Board of director asks why she is talking about this. Sonam asks them to listen and says if investors come to know about Nityam’s project then we have to be together to buy their loyalty.

Saavi and Nityam explain about the project. Everyone claps for them. Kalpesh asks Nityam and Saavi not to give them false hopes, and says if hopes break then our courage will break too. He asks them to bring the money, then they will connect with them, and says we can’t support you on free fund. Mr. Verma asks Barjatya to say. Barjatya says I agree with Sonam. Sonam thanks him. Bhura comes there drunk and says no decision can be taken without Chairman. Raksham makes him sit on Chairman’s chair. Sonam asks if you see anything than getting drunk, and says we are having a board meeting here. Bhura asks if I drink wine of your father’s money? Sonam calls Security and asks him to throw him out. Raksham gets angry and twists her hand infront of the board of directors. Sonam is upset. The board of directors are shocked.

The other auto driver tells that Kalpesh is right, if they leave their daily wages then how they will sustain. He says this will not work. Barjatya says we have done a big mistake by making him CEO and tells that Raksham has failed, he asks him to handle his house matters first. The board of directors leave in anger.

Raksham brings Bhura home. Bhura says I am the chairman. Sonam gets angry on him for insulting her infront of board of directors because of his drunkard father, and says she will not bear it. Vedika comes there and shouts at them, and says jealousy and selfishness are ruining everything. Sonam says she will get happiness and peace after destroying Saavi. Vedika asks if you need loneliness? Sonam says she don’t want to hear him and asks her to go. Vedika goes with Himesh. Sonam asks Raksham to help her to ruin Saavi. Raksham goes from there. Ananya calls Sonam and asks her to send some money for her college trip. Sonam angrily tells her that she used to give them money until they give fresh news about Saavi and Nityam. She ends the call.

Saavi comes to Nityam and gives him prasad. She motivates him and asks him to leave. Just then she sees a sadhu taking the pot for the Mahadev’s puja. He stumbles. Saavi holds it. She then sees the pamphlet of the investors meet for the fresh project. They get happy. Nityam is still doubtful how they will take the project to investors. Saavi asks him to trust God.

Ananya asks Ratna to give some money. She says Sonam wants fresh news about Saavi. Ratna says from where to give. Saavi and Nityam come there. Saavi says there is a good news. Nutan asks them to have food first. She finds the food bowl empty. Ratna lies that Ananya’s friend had come and had food. Ananya asks when? Ratna signs her to lie. Ananya says yes. Brijesh says you should have made something. Ratna says she doesn’t know anything to make than khichdi. Nityam says its ok, we will have food later. Saavi and Nityam show the pamphlet to Nutan and Brijesh. After they leave, Ananya takes the photo of the pamphlet to send to Sonam.

Sonam comes to the office and shows the pamphlet on her mobile. She says my illiterate sister Saavi knows about his investors submit, but she knows about it, and you all MBA toppers don’t know about it, and tells that I shall do all the work, you people are not efficient. She says we will submit the e rickshaw project here, so that we get the funding. Barjatya asks what is the plan? Saavi tells the auto rickshaw drivers that they will get money from the investors meet submit. She says Pankaj and Razzak will handle the technical team. Nityam says many companies are coming to fund the projects, and says it is not easy to impress them, and asks if they all are with him. They say yes.

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