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The Episode starts with Saavi coming to Nutan and says it has clothes given by you, Mama and Razzak Bhai. Nutan asks if you are going somewhere? Saavi says I will go somewhere. Brijesh asks if someone said something to you. Saavi says nobody told anything. Brijesh says don’t think about others. Saavi says I am responsible for bringing Raksham Bhaiyya in Nityam’s life and because of which all this has happened. She says she can’t see his condition anymore and they have to leave from here. Nutan asks where you will go? Saavi says to such a place, where nobody knows us, where nobody knows Nityam, where nobody humiliates her every moment and says there might be such place somewhere. Nityam comes there. Saavi asks him to get ready and says we will go. Nityam says I will never question you or will never raise finger on you, you have never taken any wrong decision, whatever happened it is not your mistake, it is my mistake and I was wrong. He says I am wrong to bear the burden of my loved ones’s betrayal, the luxuries, big cars, AC rooms and employees who would says yes sir. He says I didn’t see the outside world in real means, and it was like I was caged in the golden trap. He says I never thought success will be caged and be limited.

He says when I was wandering on the road, I realized that there is a big world outside my world, where there is goodness and truth, then I remember Mama ji’s words. He sits down on the floor near Brijesh, and says you always used to say that the successful person is the one who might have just one roti to eat, but his stomach feels full, he might have just mat to sleep on it, but he gets peaceful sleep on it, and when he feels lonely, then he shall look at his family members standing with him, so that he can smile seeing the precious relations. He says I want to apologize to everyone, for whatever he did last night, and specially to Saavi. He says I am not killing my self esteem and says he is just giving a new perspective to it, and seeing it with a new identity, and says you have motivated me to get up after falling down.

He says I am sure that you will not lose, and will not let me lose too. Saavi hugs him and tells that you didn’t let me lose, but you have made me win. He tells Ratna that he found about Tomato price, it is 160 Rs, and also butter and other price. He asks Saavi to come. Nutan tries to stop them. Sarla comes there and asks them to return 14000 Rs. Ratna says they are leaving the house, you can’t tell them. Sarla says you can’t go until you return my money. Nityam says I will return your money, when I have done the loss. Saavi says we don’t have money right now. Nutan says we don’t have money right now, and asks her to take bangles right now.

Nityam stops Nutan and tells Sarla that right now they don’t have money, and says if she don’t go, then he will be helpless to call Police. Sarla shouts and tells that she will do drama. Razzak comes there and gives 14000 Rs to Sarla. Sarla happily goes. Saavi asks Razzak from where he got the money. He says your bhabhi had some money. Nityam thanks Razzak for the clothes and money. Razzak leaves. Nityam asks Saavi to come. Brijesh tells Nityam that he will be happy if he implements from his thoughts and learning, and says nobody leaves their family like this. Nityam says we will stay with you, but on a condition, we will give you rent. Nutan asks what you are saying? Saavi says Nityam is right, I am with him. Brijesh asks how can we take rent from you. Ratna says it is not wrong and says we will take less rent. She asks them to give 20000 deposit and 5000 Rs rent, and asks from where you will give money, you don’t have the job. Saavi asks Nityam to come, and they go inside. Brijesh asks Ratna what happened to her manner and etiquette. Ratna says ration don’t come with it, and says he is jiji’s damad.

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