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The Episode starts with Nityam telling Saavi that he has posted message in the groups, but didn’t get any revert till now, as if nobody wants to give me a job. Saavi asks if you would have revert to the candidates in 30 mins, and tells that it takes time. She says just like we think, God does the same thing. He asks if you keep your small nose even in universe. He asks if the same thing will happen as I think. Saavi says yes. He pulls her closer and says I am thinking something else and asks if universe supports me or not and asks her to tell it, that let it happen what I want. Saavi gets shy and goes. Nityam comes to her and holds her. Saavi says let me go. Nityam is about to kiss her, just then his phone beeps, and he gets happy. Saavi says you are called for interview. She asks him to see that universe has listened to me, and asks what he would like to say. Nityam says yes and laughs. They laugh and dance. Tu hai toh mujhe kya chahiye plays….Saavi asks him to sleep now, and says tomorrow is interview, you need to be fresh for interview. Nityam says God has accepted all my wishes.

Next morning, Saavi makes tiffin ready for Nityam. Nutan gives her tiffin. Ratna comes to Saavi and asks if Nityam will get job today, and if advance will be given just as he gets the job. Saavi goes without answering him. Ratna gives an evil look. Nityam touches Brijesh’s feet. Brijesh says today you will get the job. Saavi asks him to go for interview. Nityam leaves. Ratna says Nityam Dalmia went to give interview. Saavi and Nityam come for interview. Saavi asks the receptionist where interview is happening. Receptionist says ok. Nityam asks if you will come inside with me to give interview. Saavi says no. Nityam comes out and asks Saavi to come, and says they said that I am over qualified, and says they just want to know why I resigned from my company. Saavi says no problem, you shall give interview to some other place. Nityam says enough and says you are behaving as if you came to get my admission done. He asks what do you think that you are my mother, and asks her to go home, says he will go to other interview. At other company, Nityam waits for his turn, and he is asked to wait unnecessarily. Receptionist says Sir is busy in important business meeting and asks him to wait for a while. Nityam says ok. Receptionist gets a call and asks Nityam to go inside. He goes inside. Saavi calls Nityam. Nutan asks her not to call him and trouble him. Ananya tells Brijesh that Mummy refused to give her money, and asks him to give money. Ratna says when Nityam returns, he might give me advance. Nutyam comes there sad.

Ratna sees his sad face and tells Ananya that she will not give her money, and asks how Brijesh will bear their expenses now. Nityam lies that he got the job. Saavi, Brijesh and Nutan get happy. Ratna and Ananya get upset. Saavi gives him sweets. Nityam takes it and goes. Ratna and Ananya smirks. Nityam comes to the storeroom and pray to God. Saavi comes there and hugs him, and says what they have asked you, and says they might not have thought that Nityam Dalmia will come to their company. Nityam recalls seeing Bhura with the employer and laughing. Bhura asks him to make sure what he said. The employee says he will meet Raksham Chauhan. Bhura says all the best and goes. The employer asks Nityam to sit and asks if I need to take your appointment to take your interview. Nityam says I will not let you take my interview and then insult me. He says I will not let you enjoy.

Precap: Saavi and Vedika meet in the temple. Saavi tells her that today is Nityam’s first day of job. Vedika says she wants to hear his voice. Saavi calls Nityam and asks if everything is fine there. Nityam says he is in office. Saavi hears the temple bell, and finds Nityam there. Nityam takes food served in the temple. Vedika and Saavi cry. Vedika keeps some money in Saavi’s hand and goes. Saavi cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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