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The Episode starts with Vedika calling Saavi and says the matter is….Saavi says there is a good news and tells that Nityam got a job and says everyone is happy in the house. Vedika asks Saavi, if she can meet her tomorrow. Saavi says ok. Vedika hears someone coming and ends the call. Sonam comes there and asks if you was crying. Vedika says no. Sonam asks if she has problem with anyone, and asks if I am a good bahu. Vedika asks why you are asking this. Sonam asks if you was talking to Saavi? Vedika says no, I was talking to my cousin. Sonam says I love you sasumaa, kisses on her forehead and goes. Vedika wipes her forehead after she goes.

Nityam is leaving from the house. Saavi calls him and asks him to take tiffin. She asks him to finish it. Nityam says ok. Saavi asks if everything is fine. Nityam says yes. Saavi says all the best. Ananya signs Saavi to ask Nityam. Saavi asks Nityam if he can get advance. Nityam goes upset. Nutan asks Saavi to give sometime to Nityam and says so much changed in his life. Saavi says ok. She says she has to go somewhere. Nutan asks her to take her purse before going. Ananya asks Saavi to remind Jiju again.

Vedika is leaving from the house. Sonam comes there and asks if she is going somewhere. Vedika asks why you want to scare me, and asks if you are doubting me. She says she is going to temple. Sonam gives her aarti plate. Vedika leaves. She comes to the temple. Saavi is already praying. After praying, Saavi and Vedika sit to talk. Saavi asks how is Himesh Chachu, Dadu Didi and Tashvi. Vedika looks at her surprising. Saavi asks what happened? Vedika says Nityam is sensitive and emotional like his father, and even hardworking. She tells that Nityam’s father couldn’t bear the failure and died, and asks Saavi to take care of Nityam and don’t leave him alone. Saavi says Nityam will not do anything, and says he got the job. She asks why you called me to meet. Vedika says Bhura and Raksham don’t want Nityam to get a job, and the latter is not getting job anywhere. Saavi says I have sent Nityam to office today and says I am telling you, he will not lie to me. Vedika says Mahadev ji shall prove you right and prove me wrong, and asks her to call Nityam once, and says if I call him then he will not pick the call. Saavi calls Nityam. Nityam picks the call. Saavi asks if he reached and asks if everyone is good there. Nityam says yes. She hears the temple bell and asks if he is in his cabin. Nityam says yes. Saavi gets up and searches for him, and finds him sitting in the same temple. She gets teary eyes. Nityam ends the call saying he has so much work to do. Vedika comes to Saavi and asks what happened, why you are crying? Saavi hugs her and says Nityam didn’t get the job. Vedika gets sad and teary eyes. Saavi says he shall not know that we know his truth else he will be broken. Vedika takes out some money and asks her to take it. Saavi refuses. Vedika asks her not to think her as stranger atleast, both her sons has made her stranger. She keeps money in Saavi’s hand and goes.

Nityam opens the tiffin and is about to eat, when the beggar comes infront of him holding the plate. Nityam gives the food to the beggar and keeps back the tiffin. Ananya calls Saavi and asks if you talked to Jiju about money, and asks if advance will be given. Saavi looks at the money in her hand and says yes.

Razzak and his wife buy vegetables. He says he has less money and asks the vegetable vendor to give them 100 Rs vegetables. Razzak’s wife argues with him and says you just care for your sister, I had saved that money to pay Fatima’s fees and what about Riyaaz etc. She says you just cares for your sister and don’t see our troubles. Saavi hears them and gives the money to Razzak’s wife. She says she has just 5000 Rs now. She says just as I arrange the remaining money, I will give. Razzak’s wife gets upset and goes from there. Razzak apologizes to Saavi.

Saavi comes home and washes her face. Brijesh says Bittori. Ratna asks her to give money. Saavi prays in the temple. Ratna asks her to give money in the temple. Saavi asks her to let Nityam come. Ratna asks her to tell clearly. She asks if you both have any shame or not? Nutan says she is my daughter. Ratna asks who is Ananya? She is my daughter. She says when I worry for my daughter, if I am witch.

Saavi comes home and washes her face Brijesh says Bittori. Saavi prays in the inhouse temple. Ratna asks for money and asks if you both have any shame or not. Nutan says she is my daughter. Ratna says Ananya is my daughter, if you worry for your daughter then it is motherly love and if I worry for my Ananya then I am witch. Saavi says she doesn’t have money. She says I don’t have money and even Nityam doesn’t have money. Ratna asks why you are staying here then? Saavi says this is my Mama’s house, if he asks me to leave then I will leave. Nutan asks Saavi to come inside. Saavi says she is fed up of daily drama. Ratna asks Brijesh if he has become handicapped from mind. She goes with Ananya.

Nutan asks Saavi what happened? Saavi says my mind is not in my control, I don’t know what to do. She comes out and wears Chattriprasad’s uniform.

Precap: Saavi tells Nutan and Brijesh that Nityam and Mami shall not know. Later she helps a pregnant lady and Nityam is about to see her riding Chattriprasad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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