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The Episode starts with Saavi telling that auto is not empty. Ananya asks what you are doing here? Saavi says you told that you are going for special classes. Ananya asks what you are doing here? Saavi says she had come to talk to Razzak and asks her to come home, says she is going home now. Ananya refuses to go with Saavi, though Saavi insists again and again. Saavi sits in Chattriprasad. Ananya tells her friend Pihu that she is not her sister, but her tenant and her parents treat her as the family. Saavi gets down and tells Pihu that she is her cousin, though she stays as tenant. She says no work is small and tells that she does hardwork. She asks Ananya to come. She asks if Mami comes to know. Ananya says if jiju comes to know. They sit in Chattriprasad. Nutan is waiting for Saavi. Nityam is coming home and sets his clothes, and brings smile on his face before he goes home. Saavi knocks on the door. Nutan opens the door. Saavi asks if Nityam came. Nutan says no. Saavi takes off her uniform and goes inside. Brijesh asks Ananya where did she meet Saavi? Ananya goes inside and tells Ratna that Saavi has ruined her image and gave lecture infront of her friend. She says Sonam di used to build my image and Saavi has ruined it. Ratna says Saavi had gone to teach Razzak’s daughter. Ananya tells that she had gone to drive Chattriprasad wearing the uniform. Ratna says Saavi hid it from Nityam.

Nityam comes to the room. Saavi surprises him and says they will have candle light food today, and shows kachoris. Nityam thinks of the boy who was doing shoe polishing with his hardwork. Saavi recalls transgender telling her that girl is born in Chattriprasad. Saavi tells Nityam that his pain and struggle is like that mother who gives birth to her baby, and says very soon your success will be born and then you will forget all the pain and struggle. Nityam kisses on her hand. Saavi asks him to have kachori, and asks how was the day? Nityam says it was a busy day. He gets up and asks who gave money for Kachori, Maa or Mami. Nutan comes there and tells that it was Saavi’s earning which she had earned from Chattriprasad. Nityam asks if she started driving Chattriprasad again. Nutan lies that Saavi used to take the kids to school and college and she never asked for any money, if they couldn’t give her. She says someone gave her money for the old calculation, and has brought sweets also. Saavi keeps tiffin for Nityam and herself. Brijesh asks Saavi to hurry up. Nutan comes there and asks for whom is the other tiffin? Saavi says for herself. Ratna comes there and takes Saavi’s tiffin with her. Saavi gives tiffin and umbrella to Nityam. Nityam asks why umbrella? Saavi says rain can happen at any time. She asks him to go, and then asks him to take some money. Nityam refuses. Saavi asks him to take it for auto or tea, and says please. Nityam thanks her and leaves. Ratna asks Saavi for whom you have made this tiffin. Nutan says for Fatima, as she likes ladies finger. Saavi leaves. Ratna calls Sonam and tells her that the prey left from home. Sonam says hunter is also ready and asks her to say best of luck. Ratna says best of luck and smiles evilly. Nityam is standing on the bus stand. Sonam calls Nityam while changing her voice and says you had sent resume to our company. She asks him to come to Gol bazaar and says I will meet you there. Nityam says ok. Sonam thinks come Saavi, I will expose you infront of your husband. Saavi comes there. Sonam says behenji….take me to Gol bazaar. She sits in the Chattriprasad.

Nutan asks Ratna why did you tell Sonam that Saavi is riding Chattriprasad, and tells that what Sonam will do now. Ananya says if Mummy had not told then also they would have known. Nutan says you shouldn’t have told, knowing Nityam’s behavior. Ratna says we will be loyal to Sonam as she gives us money for Ananya’s studies and home. Brijesh takes broom to beat her, but Nutan stops her. Brijesh tells Ananya and Ratna that he will throw them out of the house, if Nityam and Saavi have any misunderstanding. Nutan asks Ananya to take Ratna inside. Brijesh is angry still and says I have lost from them. Nutan asks him to pray that nothing wrong shall happen between them.
Nityam is waiting in Gol bazaar. Saavi takes her there and asks for 60 Rs. They see Nityam standing.

Precap: Nityam tells that Saavi has proved that he is a failure and loser. Saavi says if this thing came up and asks why you are having problem that I am earning money and you are not. Brijesh tells Nityam that she is your wife, if she helps you then what is the problem. Saavi says Chattriprasad always helped us in difficult times, we have to make start from somewhere. Nityam wears uniform and gets ready to work as auto driver surprising Saavi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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