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The Episode starts with Saavi driving off Chattriprasad seeing Nityam standing. Nityam looks on as he sees Chattriprasad. Sonam acts and asks her to stop the auto, and says I would have died if she drives like this, and asks who gave you licence. She gathers the people and tells that she wanted to kidnap her. Saavi refuses. Sonam continues her drama until Nityam comes there. Saavi drives off and leaves. Nityam comes there. Sonam tells him that the lady auto driver seems to be from a nice family, but she misbehaved with her and drove faster. Nityam looks on. Sonam goes from there and smirks. Saavi thinks if Nityam saw me.

Sonam questions Vedika infront of the family, where she had gone. Vedika says temple and asks why you are questioning me. Sonam calls Driver Pramod and asks him to say. Pramod says I had taken her to temple. Sonam asks him to tell truth and then asks Raksham to handle him. Raksham tells Pramod that if he wants his job then he shall say the truth, else he will kick and throw him out of the house. Pramod says just like you have thrown Nityam sir and Saavi bahu. Raksham gets angry and grabs his collar asking how dare you? Sonam asks Raksham to fire him. Pramod says I myself don’t want to do job here, I had stayed here for Vedika Madam, but you people don’t respect her even. He says sorry to Vedika and leaves. Vedika tells them that she had gone to temple, and after puja she met Saavi there, as she is also her bahu and bestie too. Raksham says I had set some rules and limits for you all. Vedika says I have not forgotten anything and says you have shattered this house, and says your blindfold of hatred and anger shall be taken off soon else it will ruin him only.

A guy sits in Saavi’s auto. Saavi hears him talking to his bhabhi and refuses to take him. The guy says he will go in this auto only. Saavi asks him to take some other auto. He gets down and kicks Chattriprasad. Saavi gets down and grabs his collar asking him to apologize to Chattriprasad. The guy refuses and says you don’t know who am I? He raises his hand to slap Saavi. Nityam comes there and holds the guy’s hands, and slaps him asking him to apologize. The guy apologizes to Saavi and Chattriprasad. Nityam asks Saavi to sit in Chattriprasad. She is about to sit on the driver’s seat, but he asks her to sit on the passenger’s seat. Saavi sits. Nityam drives the auto and brings Saavi home. He pushes her and she falls on Nutan. Nityam asks why did you do this? Nutan says Saavi was about to tell you. Nityam says this means you all knew that saavi is driving Chattriprasad. He says you regards me as your son, then why did you hide such a big thing from me. Saavi says I didn’t want you to know this like way. Nityam says when we had promised each other that we will not lie, then why did you lie to me. Saavi says I had hidden from you and didn’t lie. Nityam says you made me feel like a loser and failure, and says I asked you to give me some time to make everything fine and you couldn’t give me time. Saavi says I didn’t want you to blame yourself. Ratna smirks. Saavi says you are already bearing burden of a lie. Nityam asks what burden? Saavi says I know that you didn’t get the job, you leave daily from home and sit on the park bench in the temple. She says I knew that you have hidden this from me for a reason, and says when I can understand this, then why can’t you. She says we both had taken sworn. Nutan tries to stop her. Saavi says lets end this matter today, and asks why he is having problem that she is earning money and he is not earning. She says you are in pain and depressed, and says I am not earning money to degrade you, but to support me. She says we are husband and wife, and what is the problem if I hold the steering wheel. Brijesh tells Nityam that they don’t want to make his wound more deeper and that’s why hidden this from him. He says Bholenath has given you challenges, and Saavi is just helping you, and says what is wrong if she supports you without hurting your self respect. Nutan says we understand that you are having problem here, and says for you, all this is difficult. Saavi says it is difficult, but we have to start from somewhere and get whatever we have lost. She says do you know that the way is difficult, but Chattriprasad always helped us and asks him to understand. Nityam goes to room. Saavi cries.

Nityam recalls Brijesh’s words that husband and wife are made for each other, if she supports him then what is the problem. Nutan asks Saavi to go to room. Saavi says Nityam shall be alone. Nityam looks at the coin which Raksham gave. Next morning, Ratna tells Saavi and Nutan that Damad ji is not in the room, and says he left home. She says Sonam says right that he went in depression. Saavi calls him. Ratna calls Ananya. Ananya says he is not in the bathroom too. Saavi comes out of the house and enquires from the neighbors if they saw Nityam. Brijesh and Nutan get worried. Saavi gets worried and thinks if he left home. She goes from there and finds Chattriprasad parked somewhere outside hanuman gali. She finds Nityam’s phone in it, and thinks where is he? Nityam says good morning Madam, where you would like to go. Saavi sees him making a grand entry, and wearing the auto rickshaw’s uniform as he used to wear suit. She smiles looking at him. Nityam comes there and smiles too.

Precap: Nityam tells Saavi that Sayam ki Savaari is ready to take them to their destination. Ratna takes their video and sends Sonam. Sonam sees the video and shows it to her father in law, says they are so happy, if Chattriprasad goes then they will have tears of sorrows. Bhura gives money to the guy and asks him to destroy Chattriprasad. Sonam is happy and says Saavi…your Chattriprasad is gone and with that Nityam will not earn any money.

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