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The Episode starts with Nityam coming to Saavi and asking where you want to go, Madam? Saavi scolds him asking where did he go, and tells that it was like she had lost her life. Nityam says I can do anything, but can’t hurt my wife anymore. Ratna takes their video. Nityam asks where you want to go in Sayam ki Savaari. They go for a ride. Nityam thanks Nutan and Brijesh for Sayam ki Savaari. He tells Saavi that they shall start taking her. Ratna takes the video and sends to Sonam. Sonam shows the video to Raksham. Raksham laughs and says Nityam’s bad days have come and tells that he is riding auto rickshaw now. Sonam shouts Raksham and asks how he can laugh seeing them laughing. She takes out her anger and frustration and tells that her blood is boiling seeing her happy. She says how she can be happy with autodriver husband, but she is unhappy even after getting everything. She says her blood boils up seeing her happiness. Vedika hears her fully and gets shocked. She starts confronting Sonam and asks if she is jealous of Saavi since her childhood. She says you have everything, you have become rich overnight by snatching everything from Nityam and Saavi. She says you have so much hatred and anger for your sister, and tells that Saavi is happy as she is honest and knows how to be happy even if they have nothing. She says you have betrayed your sister and helped Raksham, and tells her that she is responsible for everything and is the main conspirator with Raksham. She asks her not to worry and tells that she will not tell anything to Saavi, as she don’t want to hurt her, as she is her bestie too. She says Saavi keeps you at the highest place. Sonam tries to tell Raksham again that Saavi is happy. Himesh comes there. Sonam shouts at him. Himesh goes. Raksham says he has nothing to do with her jealousy and goes. Sonam asks herself to keep himself calm and then gets angry again.

Saavi and Nityam have tea at the stall. Saavi asks him to get habitual to new things now. She asks him to do his first start, and recalls that we have to give rent to Ratna and repay money to Razzak Bhai. Nityam asks how to do the start. Saavi tells that when the passenger sit in the auto and give him money after the journey, then keep the money on the Chattriprasad and then touched it on your forehead and keep it in the pocket. She tells him that they shall pray. She starts praying to Mahadev to send his avatar to Nityam as his first customer and gives prosperity to her husband’s work. Nityam smiles seeing her happy in such condition too. He also prays. Just then a Pandit ji comes there and asks him to take him to Mahakaal temple. Nityam says I have to drop you home. Saavi tells him about the rule of the work and asks him to take the customer.

Sonam comes to Bhura and asks him if he says just for namesake that he is the snake which back bites, and asks him to take revenge. He says I have taken revenge and says my son has everything now and Nityam and Saavi are thrown out. Sonam asks him to give them pain and shows him video, asking how they can be happy. She says if Chattriprasad goes from their lives then their lives will be sorrowful. She asks if he knows what to do? Bhura says I know and tells his dialogue that he is the snake which backbites.

Nityam drops the Pandit to the Mahakaal temple. Pandit blesses him and gives him money. Nityam keeps the money on the meter and then on his forehead. He says I will give you change, but the Pandit goes from there.

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