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The Episode starts with Saavi waiting for Nityam worriedly. Nityam comes there driving Chattriprasad. Saavi asks how was your day? Nityam gets down from Chattriprasad. Saavi says you might be very tired and asks if you had food. Nityam says I am very tired, but seeing my wife’s beautiful face, all my tiredness went. Saavi smiles. She says she was waiting for him. Nityam gives the first fare which he got and says his total earning is 570, out of which, he got 100 Rs gas for Chattriprasad and also brought 100 Rs gas. Saavi says you might have enjoyed along with Chattriprasad. Nityam says yes, do you know where we had gone today and had even dropped some beautiful girls to their destination, but didn’t look at them and was looking at the way. He says now I understand why Chattriprasad is special for you, now it is my best friend too. Saavi says today is Teej, so there is surprise for you. They come inside and see Razzak, his wife Salma and Fatima. Nityam asks if everything is fine. Salma says today was the last date of Fatima’s school fees payment and she was thrown out of school today. She says Razzak was hesitant to say that’s why I have come. Ratna says now Damad ji has started driving Chattriprasad, and says now Fatima’s fees will be paid, and also Ananya’s expenses will be handled now. Nityam sits down and asks Fatima about her class. She says she is in 3rd std. Nityam says I have done MBA and can teach you. He tells Salma that he needs time to pay money, but he can teach Fatima whenever she is free, he will come there to teach her. Salma says ok and goes with Razzak and Fatima.

Ratna insults Nityam calling him Rickshaw wala ji and tells that tomorrow is Teej festival, and tells that Brijesh has brought saree, make up stuff etc for me. She says but Saavi can’t do puja, as you can’t bring such stuff. Nityam says he trusts Chattriprasad a lot, and tells that he will earn much money that he can buy saree and other stuff for Saavi, and she will do the Teej Puja. The goon aims at Chattriprasad and says it is your last day.

Raksham looks at the papers and throws angrily in air. He asks how 30 crores loss have happened. Himesh says you have changed all depts head and asks him to call them. Raksham asks what do you do then? Himesh asks him to be quiet and says truth is that you can’t handle the company, when Nityam used to handle it, we used to have only profits and not any loss. He asks him to talk to him with manners, and says you have snatched company from Nityam, but couldn’t snatched his competency and smartness. Raksham asks what do you think that I can’t handle the company. Himesh says yes, you can’t handle. Raksham asks him to ask HR head to appoint new employees. Himesh goes. Sonam comes there and tells that she has done shopping. Raksham asks Himesh to leave. Sonam shows the saree and jewellery. Raksham asks why do you do shopping always, and tells that she shall come to the company, rather than that she had gone shopping. Sonam says she wants to keep Teej festival for him. Raksham asks her to keep him out from it, and asks her not to do shopping until the losses are covered.

Vedika comes there and asks Raksham why he is scolding her. She says Sonam has done shopping for the first time with your/company’s money. She asks which saree you will wear? Raksham goes. Vedika tells Sonam that her sister Nutan called her, for Teej celebration. She says it is Saavi and your first Teej and asks her if she don’t want her to come, then inform Nutan. She goes. Sonam says she will not let Saavi happy.

Saavi does painting of the idol. Ratna asks Ananya to apply green nail polish and green sindoor. Saavi and Ananya smiles. Nityam comes there and tells Saavi that he will leave now. Saavi says I will give you tiffin. Nityam says he don’t want tiffin, as she has kept fast for him. Saavi says like Parvati ji used to keep fast for Shiv ji. Nityam says I can’t stay without you like Shiv ji and that’s why even I….Saavi asks what? Ratna says all Ujjain knows that you can’t stay without your wife, but it is husband’s duty to bring Shringaar stuff for your wife. Saavi tells Nityam that she don’t want anything and asks him to come on time. Nityam tells Nutan that Saavi doesn’t trust him. Saavi says no. Nityam tells Ratna that he will bring saree and other stuff for Saavi. She goes.

A couple comes to Nityam and asks him to take them to Ujjain’s tour, as their Gannu wants to sit in this auto only. The boy says take us for the outing. Nityam says it will take all day, and asks from where they had come. The guy says they are from Uttarakhand. Nityam asks from kailash mountain. They say yes. They sit in Chattriprasad and Nityam drives off. The goon is waiting to hit him, but finds him leaving.

Saavi keeps flowers infront of the idols and some flowers fall down. Sonam steps on the flower and asks how are you? She says she mistakenly stepped on the flower. Vedika comes there. Saavi hugs him. Sonam asks where is Nityam? Ratna says he went to drive Chattriprasad. Sonam asks if Nityam didn’t bring anything for Saavi.

She tells that Nityam can’t drive Chattriprasad for more than 2 days. Saavi says he is doing the work smoothly and has befriended Chattriprasad also. Vedika says Nityam can run multinational company easily and Chattriprasad also, but Raksham is not like him, and says he can’t handle the multinational company and asks Sonam if she didn’t tell Ratna. Sonam says my husband is the owner of the company, and profit and loss goes on in the company. She asks why are we discussing it now, and tells that Raksham has sent so much stuff for Teej. Ratna says husband shall be such, he has brought all the market for sonam. She asks if Nityam didn’t bring anything for Saavi. Saavi says puja is not related with Resham saree or jewelery. She says puja is done for husband and wife’s strong relation, for husband’s love and support.

Precap: Nityam brings the stuff, when the goon gets ready to hit Chattriprasad. The goons hits auto. Someone informs Saavi that Nityam met with an accident. Saavi runs out and sees Nityam coming there with blood stains on his uniform.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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