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The Episode starts with Sonam asking Saavi if Nityam didn’t bring anything for her. Saavi looks on. Nutan asks Sonam why Raksham didn’t come with him. Sonam says Raksham is the owner of multinational company and he is very busy, as he doesn’t drive auto like Nityam. Nutan tells Sonam that the puja is not related with silk saree or gold jewellery, but it is done for husband and wife’s strong relation, love and support like Shiv ji and Parvati ji. She says Nityam has done so much for me, and tells that he is going to come on time after doing work too. Nutan asks her to make arrangements. Sonam thinks do the arrangements, because the storm coming in your life will break you.

Nityam asks the passengers’ son Gannu if he wants to have aloo kachori and says it is Ujjain’s famous kachori. The seller gives them kachori. The guy asks Nityam to have it. Nityam says no. He checks the time. The lady asks what happened? Nityam says actually my wife has kept Teej fast. The lady asks him not to worry and says we will leave soon and you will reach your wife before time. They sit in Nityam’s Chattriprasad and he drives off. The goon calls Bhura and tells that Nityam has passengers in his auto. Bhura asks just as they get down, hit the auto.

Vedika asks Saavi to sing bhajan. Saavi sings bhajan. The goon is following Chattriprasad in the tempo. Sonam goes to side and calls Bhura, asking if the work is done. Bhura says you will get the good news soon. Sonam ends the call and finds Vedika standing behind her. Vedika asks whom she is talking too. Sonam says she is trying to call Raksham, but the call didn’t connect. Vedika asks her to call again. Sonam pretends to call Raksham and asks if he is coming for puja. She then tells Vedika that he is busy. Vedika asks how the call went through now. Sonam goes to sit.

Nityam drops the passengers, and the guy pays him 1000 Rs instead 800, and his wife pays him 500 and says it is for your wife. Nityam refuses to take the money. Gannu asks him to take it and says it is gift from my side. Nityam takes it and keeps the phone on meter, then Chattriprasad and then on his forehead and keeps it in the pocket. He goes to the roadside saree shop and buys saree for Saavi. The goon is on call with Bhura and tells that passengers got down. Bhura asks him to hit Chattriprasad. The goon is about to hit Chattriprasad. Nityam looks at the tempo. The goon hits the auto and tells Bhura that his work is done, and runs away from the tempo. Bhura calls Sonam and tells that the work is done. Sonam asks what and gets happy. Bhura asks her to celebrate and ends the call. Vedika asks with whom, she is talking to. Sonam lies and thinks Nityam can’t come here.

Nutan tells Saavi that her plate is empty. Ratna says Damad ji couldn’t bring suhaag stuff and says we all know that he doesn’t have money, we would have brought stuff for you also. Sonam asks Saavi to use stuff from her plate and says Saavi shouldn’t have asked Nityam to bring bangles for her. Saavi says no and asks everyone to do the puja. She calls Nityam, but he doesn’t pick the call. Vedika asks her not to worry and says he will come. After sometime, Ratna tells that the puja is completed and Damad ji didn’t come. A guy comes there and tells Saavi that Nityam jiju met with an accident. Sonam thinks if Nityam also died. Saavi tries to go out, but Sonam stops her and says she will send driver. Saavi says she won’t be at peace until she sees Nityam. Saavi runs out and sees Nityam standing with blood stains on his clothes. She asks him if he got injury? Vedika asks if you are fine? Nityam says today, a big incident didn’t happen, and says I got the long distance journey passengers, when I dropped them, a truck was about to hit Chattriprasad, when an auto rickshaw come in between, and got hit by the truck. He says the auto rickshaw driver was badly injured. A fb is shown, Nityam takes him to the hospital. Fb ends. Sonam thinks Bhura couldn’t do any work. He says I got him admitted in the hospital and that’s why I got late, and says if he had not come then I wouldn’t have been alive here. Vedika says nothing will happen to you. Nityam ignores her and goes to change. Saavi goes behind him. Sonam comes to Vedika and says your Bittu doesn’t care for you, atleast my Raksham talks to you nicely and cares for you, I just hope that you value him ever.

Saavi comes to Nityam. Nityam recalls Vedika deciding to stay back with Raksham. Saavi says why you didn’t talk to Maa well, and says she was in pain seeing you in pain, and says she is your mother. Nityam says why she didn’t see my pain when her dear son Raksham snatched my everything from me. He says she stayed there for the luxuries. Saavi says no, she stayed there on my saying. A fb is shown. She tells Nityam that Maa wanted to come with us, but I asked her to stay with Raksham Bhaiyya so that she can show him the right way. Nityam gets emotional and folds his hands before the God. Saavi says I am saying truth, I had asked her to stay there and she stayed there on my sayings, and I asked her not to tell you anything.

Sonam tells Vedika that they will not stay here even for a minute, I can’t see you getting insulted here and asks her to come with her. Vedika is about to go with her, when Nityam calls Vedika. Vedika stops hearing Maa from him. Nityam folds his hands before her.

Precap: Nityam tells that he is incomplete without Saavi and completes with her. He gives the shagun stuff to Saavi. Saavi gets happy and goes to wear the saree. Sonam comes to the room and cuts it with scissor. Saavi confronts Sonam and asks what problem you have with me? Sonam says you are problem for me, and I will break Nityam and your relation and will make the relation colorless. Saavi says I promise on Teej day fast that I will get everything whatever you have snatched from Nityam and me.

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