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The Episode starts with Nityam apologizing to Vedika and says I thought you wrong, please forgive your Bittu. Vedika hugs him and kisses on his cheeks. She says I shall apologize to you. Nutan tells Vedika that they shall do puja now. Nityam asks Saavi if she will do puja this way, as suhaag stuff is not in the plate. He brings all the suhaag stuff and also saree, and tells that he has earned money with Chattriprasad’s help. He asks Ratna if Saavi can do puja now, as he brought all the stuff. Ratna asks him to make her wear bangles. Nityam makes her wear bangles. Saavi gets emotional and happy. Sonam gets jealous to see them happy. Nityam asks Saavi to change her saree and tells that they will do puja together. Ratna says only Saavi can do puja and not you. Nityam says even he has kept fast for Saavi’s long life, as he completes with Saavi and he is incomplete without Saavi. Brijesh tells Nityam, you didn’t tell us and tells that Ratna will scold him now. He tells that he will keep fast for her next year.

Sonam shows her saree to Saavi and tells that Raksham has sent her. Vedika says through Driver. Sonam says it is designer saree. Saavi tells that Raksham’s choice is good, and then tells that the saree given by Nityam is precious for her, as he has bought this with his hard earned money, and every thread of the saree has the smell of his love and hardwork. She goes to change her saree. She comes to the room and goes inside. Sonam comes there and cuts the saree with scissor and goes out of room. Saavi sees her going out. She finds the saree cut with scissor. She cries and thinks why you have so much hatred with me, didi..this is not right.

Nityam asks Vedika if she liked the saree bought by her. Vedika says top class. Ratna comes there and asks how is she looking? Brijesh says she is looking good. Vedika and Nutan tell that she is looking good. Sonam comes there ready and asks how am I looking? Ratna says your saree is so costly that even statue will look nice wearing it. Nutan says where is Saavi? Sonam thinks Saavi will not come, as she has nothing to wear now. Saavi comes there, wearing the same saree, but she has stitched it with other saree cloth. Saavi and Nityam do the puja. Sonam says she can’t stop here anymore and shall leave. Saavi says you are born and brought up here, and feels suffocated here. She asks her to see her room and takes her there. She says this is Nityam and my Aashiyana. She then closes the door. Saavi says she doesn’t want anyone to hear them. She asks her to see the saree which she had cut, and says I repaired it and made it fine. She says if I wanted then I would have told this infront of everyone, but then there won’t be any difference between us. She asks why did you cut my saree, what is your problem. Sonam says you are my problem and tells that I have cut your saree to harm you, as I hate you. She says I have everything, rich husband, designer clothes and luxuries, but I don’t have smile which you have. She tells that she has done so much to destroy her and has snatched Nityam’s company from you, but you are happy in poverty with your husband. She says you win everytime and I lose. She says today is Teej day, and my husband didn’t buy saree for me, and your husband brought saree driving auto. She says I hate you Saavi.

Saavi asks if you have done this intentionally. Sonam says everyone used to praise you, but I know that I am the best in everything. She says you became everyone’s favorite. She says I did so much to marry Nityam, changed the kundalis, dressed as bride and was about to go to mandap, but you got married to him. She says everyone praise you, also Servants. She says I provoked Manav to propose you, but my plan failed as Nityam realized his love for you. She says after trying so much, my plan failed and Nityam remarried you, and you came to snatch my peace, and then entered office with auto army, and ruined my hard work which I had done for e rickshaw project and I had lost again. She says if you think that Nityam and your relation are strong, and you can stay happily without money. She says just like I cut this saree, I will break Nityam and your relation, and will make your relation colorless, it is a promise.

Saavi asks Sonam to stop, and says your every attack on Nityam and Saavi, it will strengthen our relation, and our compatibility and tuning will not change. She says we are Sayam, and the destiny has chosen us to be together. She says I have forgotten whatever you have done with me since childhood, but I will not forget whatever you have done with Nityam, you have snatched his peace, happiness, identity etc. She promises her that she will get back everything from her, whatever she has snatched from Nityam and her, says it is a promise. She goes. Sonam looks on.

Precap: Vedika gives bangles to Saavi and blesses Nityam and Saavi. Sonam thinks she will not let Saavi get happiness in her life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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