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Sonam asks Raksham to stay in the house with her drunkard father and says she knows to handle the company. Nityam comes and is about to touch Brijesh’s feet, but the latter stops him. Nutan comes there and gives tiffin to Nityam. Nityam asks for whom is the second tiffin? Saavi comes there and tells Nityam that it is for her, and tells that she will take care of the house expenses while he concentrates on his dream of e-rickshaw project. Nityam makes Saavi wear the uniform surprising her.

The days are seen passing by, while Saavi drives the Chattriprasad, Nityam works on the project with the auto drivers and make the model ready for the auto. Saavi and Nityam romance in the workshop. Later after hardwork of 7 days, Nityam tries to start the auto made by them. Sonam and Ratna are standing outside at the panipuri stall outside Nityam’s workshop. Nityam tries to start the auto, but couldn’t start it. Sonam laughs standing outside. Nityam prays to God and starts the auto. It starts. Sonam gets angry and takes Ratna from there. Later Saavi comes to Nityam’s workshop and he shows her e-rickshaw. Saavi and Nityam sit in the auto for the drive. They get down. Saavi says one thing is missing which is surprise. She says tomorrow they will submit their e-rickshaw project to the investors. They smile.

Sonam asks the employee to start their auto model, but it sparks and couldn’t start. Raksham comes there and asks Sonam what happened if the auto didn’t start. He says your engineers and MBA toppers can’t stand the auto, but Saavi’s auto rickshaw drivers and mechanics have made the model ready. He asks Sonam to get jealous and burn in jealousy and anger. He says Saavi is Saavi and she will win eventually. He goes. Sonam scolds the engineer. He says we want blue prints of the model so that we can get our model ready. Sonam asks if I shall go and steal it, my bad days haven’t come.

Later Sonam comes to Nutan and Brijesh and tells that she was missing Saavi, so she came. Nutan is doubtful and says you was missing her. Sonam says if I can’t miss her. She sends Nutan and Brijesh to make and namak para. She then asks Ratna if she is right that blue print and the file is in Saavi’s room. Ratna says yes and asks for money. Sonam gives her necklace and asks her to keep eye on Maa and Mama and don’t let them come. Ratna says ok. Sonam goes to Saavi’s room, and tries to open the almira. Saavi comes there and says it is locked Didi.

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