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The Episode starts with Saavi showing the paint bottles and brush to Nutan. Nutan asks what is it? Saavi shows it happily and signs it is for painting. Ratna wears the necklace and dances happily admiring it looking at herself in the mirror. Sonam comes there and tells that you didn’t keep an eye, and Saavi had come, so work is not done. She takes back the necklace. Ratna says you have given this to me, and now you are taking it back and asks her to take file later. Sonam says how can this be possible, Saavi had made the design ready, with her illiterate team, then only my company project can work. Ratna asks her to ruin other’s work if she can’t do work. Sonam throws necklace at Ratna and says thank you for the idea. Nityam comes to the room and asks Saavi what is missing in the project. Saavi keeps hand on his eyes and shows the board on which Chattriprasad 2.O written on it. Nityam tells her that without her final touch, all his work is incomplete. He says if you are Diya, then I am Baati, and says your trust makes me confident and I am sure that you will complete all my incomplete work and that’s why we are Sayam and will touch the heights and will make the impossible things possible. He says Saavi I love you. Saavi shyly says I love you too..Nityam hugs her happily and says we will fix the board this way.

Sonam comes to the workshop with the goons, and asks them to make the pillar fall down and says nobody works in night, and asks them to make the pillar fall down and the auto shall be rammed under it, and says if they don’t have the model then they will not get funding. She says with a pillar, their dreams, e rickshaw project and everything shall be broken. The goon says I understood. The goons go to the workshop and smirks. Nityam looks at the chattriprasad 2.O board and goes to fix it on the auto model. Saavi is restless in her dream. Nityam is about to fix it with the screw driver, when the pillar falls down on him, and he gets severely injured. Ratna thinks Sonam didn’t call till now, if her work is done or not. Saavi wakes up shouting Nityam and comes downstairs. She tells Ratna that may be Nityam went to workshop and that her heart is shaking up. Sonam dances happily in the car. The goon calls Sonam and says work is done. Ratna calls Sonam and tells that Nityam is in the workshop and asks her not to make the pillar fall down. Sonam says my goons called and said that they made the pillar fell down. Saavi comes running there. Sonam sees her and runs away from there in the car. Saavi comes inside the workshop and sees the iron pillar on Nityam. She tries to move it, then she goes out and calls help. All the auto drivers come there and move the pillar from Nityam. Razzak and other auto driver sit with Nityam in the back seat, while Saavi drives Chattriprasad, and asks Razzak to make him awake. She says nothing will happen to you.

Sonam imagines all her family members confronting her for trying to kill Nityam. Raksham says I will kill you for trying to kill Nityam to take revenge from Saavi. Himesh asks him not to make his hands dirty. Vedika says you have hurt my son, and asks Raksham to throw her out. Everyone say that they shall throw her out. Imagination ends. Sonam says if everyone comes to know then they will throw me out of the house, I didn’t want to hurt him, but he is hurt. She gets down the car. Ratna panics and gets asthma attack. Ananya comes there and gives her Asthma machine. Ratna tells her that she gave idea to Sonam to ruin other’s work and Sonam made the pillar falls down and Nityam got severely injured. Brijesh and Nutan hear that Nityam is severely injured. Ratna says we shall go to hospital.

Saavi rushes Nityam to the hospital. Song plays…..Nutan, Brijesh and Ratna come there. Saavi hugs Ratna and Nutan. She tells them that the iron pillar fell on Nityam and says if anything happens to him, then I can’t forgive myself. Ratna hears and feels guilty. Saavi cries.

Sonam comes home and calls Ratna. Ratna goes to side to attend her call. Nutan tries to pacify Saavi. Ratna picks the call and asks Sonam, what she wants to know that if Nityam is alive or dead, and says you have sent him near death, and says I didn’t know that you will stoop so low, and asks her not to call her again. Sonam gets tensed and thinks how she can do such a big mistake. She thinks to tell everyone and stops. Her innerself asks her to think what Saavi has done with her, and says leave everything on their destiny, whatever is going to happen is their destiny. Sonam says if anyone comes to know about it. Her innerself says you are Sonam Dalmia, you are very smart and will save yourself. Sonam thinks Nityam shall not be saved, else I will be trapped, and thinks she won’t let Saavi win.

Doctor comes out and tells Saavi that the patient’s condition is not normal and says they have do his tests and MRI and asks them to deposit the money at the counter. Saavi asks him to start the treatment. Razzak says don’t worry about the money. Everyone takes out money from their pockets and gives to Saavi. Saavi says it is less amount. She goes to the counter and asks Receptionist to take it. Receptionist asks her to deposit all the money first and then tests will start.

Precap: Doctor says they have to do Nityam’s brain surgery and for that she shall deposit 8 lakhs Rs. Saavi comes to the workshop and asks Razzak to break Chattriprasad and assemble the parts as the e rickshaw auto. She says we don’t have anything than this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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