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The Episode starts with Barjatya telling Nityam that all the old investors are ready to be back. Nityam says Nityam Dalmia is back and I can solve all your problems, but there will be a small condition for it. Barjatya says we accept all your conditions, and asks him to just order. Nityam calls Razzak. Razzak gives papers to the board of directors and also Barjatya. Barjatya asks what is this? Nityam says I have nothing to lose, if you don’t sign on the papers then your situation will be like Sonam and Razzak. He says if you don’t want to sign, then we will leave. He says I am extending hand of friendship, and asks Razzak to come. Barjatya stops Nityam and asks him to sit, and says we all will sit on the papers. Barjatya signs, and asks other board of directors to sign as well. They sign and give the file to Nityam. Barjatya appreciates Nityam for showing the real value to Raksham, and says you have shown him his value, and says he says step brother, whom they have picked from road and then sent him on the road. He says you made his condition as the street dog. He laughs. Nityam signs him to come and grabs his collar. Barjatya asks what wrong did I say and says I have no extra advantage by separating Raksham and Sonam from the company. He asks him to leave his collar. Nityam leaves him and sets his collar. He says few things are beyond profit and loss, and you will not understand this. He goes looking at the coin which Raksham had given him.

Sonam tells Raksham that they have become poor from being king, and tells that she is very hungry. Raksham says we shall have food there. Sonam asks seriously, if you think that we will take free langar food, and refuses, saying she has standard. Raksham says you will die, if you don’t have food, and asks her to come. He covers his face and asks her to cover her face too. They come and stand in the queue. They see Saavi distributing food plates to the people and asks them to bless her husband, as his new work started. Raksham tells Sonam that he will do something. They come to Saavi, hiding their faces. Saavi asks him to bless her husband for his new work. Just then she realizes he is Raksham. Raksham and Sonam are about to leave from there. Saavi stops Raksham calling him. They stop. Vedika, Brijesh, and Ratna come there. Nutan and Ananya also see them. Vedika says you are here? Sonam says we were hungry and that’s why came to have food. Saavi brings the food plate for them. Raksham refuses. Sonam says food…she asks Saavi if she can eat as she is hungry. Nutan says Sonam….Sonam takes the plate and starts eating it fast. Vedika and Nutan get worried for them. Saavi asks Raksham to have food. Vedika asks Raksham to sit and have food. She makes him have food with her hand. Raksham cries and falls on her feet. He apologizes to her and says please forgive me Maa, don’t know how I stoop low, I can’t see in your eyes. He says I have snatched food from my own brother, and today you are feeding me food. He asks Saavi, if she will forgive her brother. Vedika asks Raksham to get up and says I am your mother, and you are my son, and a son doesn’t apologize to his mother, but just loves her. She asks him to sit and have food. Raksham asks if Bittu will forgive me?

Vedika looks at Saavi. Raksham asks Vedika to say. Nityam comes there with Razzak. He says Raksham bhaiyya. Raksham says I don’t deserve to be called as your brother, and asks him to forgive him, selfish brother if he can. Nityam stops him as they were leaving, and says Raksham Bhaiyya, I am very hungry, will you not feed food to your Bittu.. Raksham cries and hugs him. Everyone gets happy and emotional. Raksham apologizes to him and asks him to sit. Sonam comes to Vedika and smiles. Raksham makes Nityam have food. Nityam then makes Raksham have food. Everyone looks on happy. Sonam says it is good that both brothers are looking good with each other, and I am happy that Nityam has forgiven us. Saavi says now we all stay in hanuman gali and asks Ratna if it will work. Ratna says it will run. Sonam whispers hanuman gali? Nityam says no, Raksham Bhaiyya and Sonam will stay in hanuman gali. He apologizes to Raksham for acting infront of Barjatya that he regards him (Raksham) as his biggest enemy. He tells them about making a call to Barjatya and telling him that he wants everything back, CEO post, his home and office. Barjatya asks if you are with Raksham and betraying us. Nityam tells that he has nothing to do with Raksham, as he has snatched his everything. Barjatya says we will believe you, but we have to prove that Raksham is your enemy. Nityam says ok. Fb ends. Nityam tells Raksham that he don’t want Barjatya or anyone that this family and I are with you, and infact I acted infront of Barjatya so that I can get back whatever he has snatched from you.

He then turns to Vedika and says sorry. He says I am sorry, you might be hurt seeing Raksham Bhaiyya on the road, but I was helpless. He asks Saavi, if she is upset with him. Saavi says you shall get best actor of the year award. Razzak gives file to Nityam. Nityam tells Raksham that this is their house papers. Raksham says no Bittu, I can’t take this file. Sonam asks what you are saying, and asks him not to forget that Nityam is your brother, and wants your betterment, and he has build Dalmia Industries with his hardwork. She takes file from Nityam’s hands and says thank you so much, I will take Raksham to Dalmia house. Raksham snatches file from Sonam’s hands and tells that he will not go to Dalmia house without Nityam. He says he is very ashamed on his doings and asks him to forgive him. He folds his hands and says for Baba’s revenge and for my identity, I have done many sins, I thought I will get peace, I got the wealth, but by losing relations and by falling in my family’s sight. He says he take over his company and house, and says I have understood that without your vision and experience, the company is nothing. He says like without my family, I have no identity. He says I behaved like step brother and stranger, when you all gave me so much love. He says our relation is more than real brothers, and asks him to forgive him, else he will feel suffocated.

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