School Ishq (Love in school) Part 1

Kunal,Mauli and their daughters Arohi and Pari were a happy family.They were very close to the neighbouring family which consisted of Jaggi,Gopi and their son Deep.
Once both the families planned a picnic.

Picnic spot….

Kunal,Mauli,Arohi and Pari were enjoying.

Mauli:Gopi and family did not reach yet.

Kunal:They will come now Mauli.May be Jaggi got busy.
Arohi:If they are not coming don’t force them mumma.We will have peace of mind if that Deep is not here.
Mauli:Arohi…don’t talk like this.Deep is your friend.
Arohi:No way that he can be my friend.
Pari:Why are you always fighting with Deep?
Arohi:Because he is very irritating.
Suddenly they saw Jaggi,Gopi and Deep coming.
Except Arohi they all went near Jaggi Gopi and Deep.
Deep:Hi Kunal Uncle..Hi Mauli aunty..Hi Pari…

Kunal,Mauli,Pari:Hi Deep..
Mauli:Why did you all become late?
Kunal:It’s ok.Jaggi must have been busy.
Jaggi:No no.I was free,that’s why we fixed today for picnic.
Kunal:Then what happened?
Gopi:Everything is because of this stubborn boy Deep.
Mauli:What happened Deep beta?
Deep:Mauli aunty…I refused to come for picnic.
Mauli was shocked:But why Deep?
Deep:Because Arohi will trouble me.
Mauli:Because of Arohi you refused to come for picnic?
Gopi:Leave it Mauli.This boy is unnecessarily getting stubborn.
Mauli brought Arohi there:Arohi…you should not fight with Deep.Understand?
Arohi:It’s Deep who starts the fight mom.
Deep:No Mauli aunty.It’s Arohi who starts the fight.
Deep:You liar!
They both started fighting.
Their parents pulled them apart.
Kunal:Stop fighting Arohi.Bad manners.
Arohi:But dad…
Kunal:Silence.You better not open the mouth.Just play.
Arohi pouted.
Jaggi to Deep:If you again fight and spoil our picnic you will get beatings from me.Did you get it?
Deep:Hey dad…don’t try to scare me.I am a new generation kid…not from your generation to get scared.
Jaggi was stunned:What?
Gopi laughed.
Jaggi:Gopi…the kids of this generation are impossible.

Deep and Pari were playing.
Arohi got irritated
Arohi:Pari…you are my sister.But you are playing with this brat Deep?

Pari:Sorry Arohi.Deep was lonely.So I decided to give him a company.
Arohi:Even I am lonely.You play with me.
Deep:You called me a brat?The real brat is you.

Arohi frowned:You called me a brat?You are the brat.…
They started their fight.
Pari:Oh no..I am stuck between 2 mad people.Save me God!

Another day…

Both the couples went to park and enjoyed.Seeing the icecream seller they ordered for ice cream.
The final scoops were one mango and one vanilla.
Arohi took the mango icecream.
Deep:I want mango.You take vanilla.
Arohi:Why should I give you my Mango?You eat Vanilla.

Deep:No..I want Vanilla.

Gopi:Stop it Deep…is this the way to behave?
Jaggi:He has become intolerable.

Kunal:Guys ..chill…I have a solution.You both share the mango icecream.
Pari:Arohi..please obey dad..

Arohi:Ok..only for dad.
Deep was silent.
Kunal took 2 spoons from the icecream seller and gave them.
Kunal:Now eat…
Mauli:Problem solved.

Deep and Arohi stared at each other angrily and started eating icecream.
Mauli smiled at Kunal:You know how to manage kids.
Kunal:After all I am a child specialist.
Mauli smiled.

Time passed….

Deep, Arohi and Pari are in higher secondary school now.
Deep is the leader of his gang

which included Sanskar.

Arohi and Pari were in the same gang.But Arohi was the leader of the gang.Both gangs were rivals.Deep-Arohi are still fighting against each other with their gang members.
Once both the teams got ready for foot ball match.
Deep and the gang members smirked at Arohi and her team members:Be guys cannot defeat us.

Arohi said confidently:Let us see.
Deep and gang ignored it.
Both the gangs were playing foot ball.Both gangs were in 2 different teams and were playing against each other.
Deep’s gang was scoring well.Deep smiled at Arohi victoriously.
Deep whispered:You can’t defeat us Arohi.
Arohi got irritated.
Arohi’s gang member Aardra:Do something Arohi.Otherwise we will lose.
Arohi:As long as I am the leader of our gang we won’t lose.
Aardra:But what can we do?Deep is an excellent player.
Arohi:I can defeat any good player.
Deep was playing.Arohi made a noise to seek his attention.Deep looked at her.
Arohi moved her lips in a cute romantic manner:Smooch…

Deep was stunned.He was lost in her red lips for a moment.
Arohi’s moved her lips as if she was going to kiss Deep.Deep blushed unknowingly.

He lost his concentration completely.
Sankar called Deep:Deep…come on…
Deep was fully into Arohi’s kissing lips.Due to lack to concentration he could’nt play well and so his gang lost.
Arohi and gang jumped with joy enjoying their success.
Deep and gang became upset.
Arohi and gang received the trophy

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and posed for photographs with the Sports teacher.

Arohi smirked looking at Deep:You challenged me.But you failed.I defeated you.You can never defeat me Deep.
Deep was really irritated:This is cheating.Purposefully you did that to divert my attention.
Arohi laughed:Yes.But how did you think that I was going to kiss you?You are foolish.
Arohi was laughing.
Sanskar:Success will not be forever.The next time we will win.
Pari:Never.Only we will win.
Sanskar:Challenging us?Don’t do that blunder.
Pari:Blunders are done by you guys,That’s why you guys failed.
Sanskar gritted his teeth.
Pari:Be carefully.Your teeth will break.
Sanskar got irritated.

Deep was very upset.
Deep:Arohi defeated me.I can’t tolerate this.Because she does’nt deserve this success.She won this trophy through crooked way.

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Sanskar:Everything is because of you.Who asked you to look at her during the match?When she showed kiss expressions you lost yourself.Why did you get interested in her kiss?

Deep:Nothing like that.Why should I be interested in her kiss?
Sanskar:If you were not interested how did you lose your concentration seeing her fake kiss?
Deep had no answer.
Sanskar:Deep..if you agree or not unknowingly you are attracted towards Arohi.
Deep:No way.I can never be attracted towards that irritating girl.
Sanskar:Let’s see.

Pari and her friend Naila were walking on the school ground.Pari saw Sanskar standing on the side looking at her.Her face became dull.

Pari:Naila, go…I want to go to the library.
Naila walked off.
Pari:Sanskar…why are you waiting for me here?If our gang members see us together everything will be over.
Sanskar:What to do Pari?I am not able to stay without talking to you.We see everyday,but in front of others we talk like enemies.I want to talk to you lovingly.That’s why I waited for you here.

Pari blushed.

Sanskar:I am fed up of this fighting drama with you.
Pari:Even I am fed up.But…
Sanskar and Pari were upset.

Jaggi,Gopi and Deep came to Arohi’s house for Kunal-Mauli’s wedding anniversary party.
Deep and Arohi glared at each other angrily.
Deep:Don’t do that.I have come here for Kunal uncle and Mauli aunty..not for you.
Arohi:I am not kicking you out because I respect Jaggi uncle and Gopi aunty.
They both walked in 2 different directions.
Kunal-Mauli were dancing romantically.

Deep was admiring them:Kunal uncle and Mauli aunty look so adorable together.

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Suddenly somebody came near him and said:Yes.My mummy papa are the cutest couple.
Deep looked at her and smiled.

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