Shahmir Khan reflects on his debut show ‘Kyunkii Tum Hi Ho’ going off-air

Shahmir Khan, who skillfully portrayed the antagonistic lead role of Rocky in the television series “Kyunkii Tum Hi Ho,” is feeling profoundly fortunate for a triumphant entry into the acting world through this show.

As the curtains closed on the series on August 26, Shahmir expressed his contentment in an interview, stating, “Exceeding 200 episodes is a source of joy. My journey as Rocky was truly fulfilling. As an actor, I am elated that my debut show met with success, and both creators and audiences showered me with commendation. It marked the first time people reached out to convey their affection and support. I am grateful to the divine forces for helping me manifest my acting aspirations.”

Unfazed by a potential break, Shahmir Khan is resolute in his determination to promptly return to the screen. Addressing the post-show challenges, he remarked, “I have heard from colleagues that after a show concludes, securing a new role can be a struggle. I am prepared to put in the hard work. I am actively engaged in meetings and auditions for new projects. With any luck, I’ll resume filming soon, as I am driven to avoid a hiatus. Negotiations are ongoing for a fresh show, and I hope things materialize.”

Reflecting on his preferred roles, he conveyed, “I relish the opportunity to tackle intricate and promising characters. I seek depth and complexity in my portrayals. In my prior role, I embodied a dark antagonist, yet the narrative held suspense that allowed me to portray a virtuous character as well. It was an enjoyable experience. I aspire to essay a protagonist in a romantic love story. Alternatively, I am content playing an antagonist. What matters is my presence on screen.”

“Kyunkii Tum Hi Ho” premiered on December 12 of the previous year and featured talents such as Priyanka Dhavale, Manish Raisinghan, and Karan Khanna, among others.

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