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The Episode starts with Shiv requesting everyone not to come behind him, else he will not be responsible for the consequences which happens after that. Narad tells Lakshmi that Ganga and I have made Shiv’s beautiful impression on Parvati, today she might have got scared seeing his Rudra avatar. Narayan says that Kaamdev’s sacrifice will not go waste and says Kaamdev’s arrow hit Mahadev and the latter blessed him to be Anang, which will be everyone’s heart. He says Mahadev has understood that Kaamdev distracted him for a reason and that’s why he said that Parvati has to cover her journey herself. Narad tells Narayan that Shiv and Parvati’s journey have begun, and we will witness it. Narayan tells that Shiv had become Shav, but now he will become Shiv again and his journey starts now. He says Parvati has to cover her part. Himavan and Ganga bring Parvati back to the Palace. Mainavati asks Himavan what happened to Parvati that she came so sad. Himavan says first let her go. The Sevikas take Parvati inside. Himavan says wrong thing have happened. Parvati recalls Rati’s curse and covers the Shivling with the cloth in anger. She gets sad.

Mainavati asks Himavan to think if the curse was that Parvati will not have a child, if she marries Shiv. Himavan says yes. She laughs aloud. Himavan and Ganga are shocked. He says our daughter got the curse and you are happy. Ganga says today Parvati’s childhood dream is broken and she is hurt and you are happy. Mainavati says she is happy as she don’t want Parvati to marry Shiv, and tells that after today Parvati will not cry.

Rahu and Ketu come to Taraka sur and inform him about Parvati being Himavan’s daughter and says she is marrying Vind Rajkumar. Taraka sur tells Deeti that they don’t need to fight now, recalling Vindak’s words.

Mainavati comes to Parvati and pacifies her. She then tells her that Shiv can’t become her husband. She asks her to come to her room, and says if you stay here, then bad thoughts will surround you. She asks her to come in her room and sleep. She then tells her that Himavan is not caring for himself and says you know his worry and restlessness. She says he is in dilemma, and says Devtas didn’t take back the proposal yet, and your father is worried that if his delicate daughter marries horrible and angry person like Shiv that your life will be ruined. She says her future is burning him as if he on the pyre. Parvati goes from there. Mainavati tries to stop her.

Shiv sees Parvati’s anklet and gets teary eyes. Nandi thinks he shall pick this anklet, this will mean that he is returning, but Shiv goes from there. Vasuki says it doesn’t look like Mahadev will marry again.

Mainavati sees Parvati bringing Sati’s trishul there, and says Pita shri, Shiv is even now my Aaradhya, I can’t hate him. She says I had love for him in my heart, but I will turn it into devotion. She says you can’t see me sad, and I can’t see you worried. She says I am ready to marry Vind Rajkumar. Mainavati is happy. Parvati says I am taking out Shiv’s love from my heart, and the proof is Devi Sati’s trishul, which I will be returning now itself. Himavan is shocked. Mainavati is happy.

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