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The Episode starts with Guru Shukracharya telling Asurs that Shiv will be unstable now, we have to take advantage of this to tackle him. Brahmadev asks Narayan to do something and says his third eye will burn everything. Narayan asks Inder Dev to bring rain, so that Mahadev gets calm due to rain water coldness. Inder Dev brings the rain. Mahadev looks at the devtas and Nandi standing there. He sees water falling on Sati’s face, and stamps his leg on the ground and it cramps. He says he will make the 5 tatvas of the universe go away, and says Sati died, now I have nothing to lose. There is blast everywhere in the places. Pandits are doing puja in the temples. Narayan asks Mountains to stop Mahadev. Mountains appear infront of Shiv, but he blows air from his mouth and the mountain breaks in ashes. He says nobody can stop me, this universe has snatched my Sati from me, I will snatch its identity from it, and says the universe which I have created, can’t stop my way, now nothing will remain in this universe. He attacks Sun and Moon, and both Chnadra Dev and Surya Dev start feeling burning. He says this universe will end with Sati, and now everything will be zero. He says I will make sure that it destroys fully. Brahmadev tells Narayan that nobody will be saved now.

Narayan says until Sati’s dead body is with him, it is difficult to stop him. He says we were trying to unite them, and now we have to separate them. He says Shiv will be Rudra until he has Sati’s dead body. He says we have to make Sati’s dead body vanish in the universe. He comes to Mahadev and asks him to stop, and says in future, the world will say what kind of Dev you was, to destroy it for your wife’s death. Shiv says the world who don’t understand Sati, don’t need to understand Shiv. He says my Sati couldn’t fulfill the journey of Shakti. He asks him to leave him. Narayan says I am helpless. He says Sati has given her life for women, and says that’s why whenever a woman gets weak, Sati’s light shall strengthen them. She says the hands who have presented flowers on you, today I am going to use Sudarshan chakra on you, and says before your anger fire burns this universe, I have to try to stop you. Mahadev turns to Narayan.

Shiv’s message: when there are troubles in your life, it is a sign that you have to take more steps of struggles in life and asks the people not to run away from their duties.

Precap: Narayan makes Sati’s body vanish in the universe. Mahadev gets angry and is about to hit Trishul to Narayan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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