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The episode starts with Narad telling Parvati that he knows that she is afraid of Shiva’s angry avatar, but she can’t sacrifice her love for Shiv. He says he thinks she is doing this for her parents. Parvati says her father took her to Kailash, she returned with Rathi’s curse, Kamdev lost his life because of her, Rathi will live without love her whole life because of her, she gave a chance for her love and now she has to follow her duty towards her parents. Narad says whatever Shiv did was his duty and reveals an incident where Brahmadev gives knowledge to Kamdev and when Kamdev leaves in between, Brahmadev curses him that his life would be incomplete like his knowledge and his end would happen via Mahadev, hence Parvati shouldn’t doubt Mahadev’s intention. Parvati says he is her guru and she will follow his orders and if she fails, he can punish her; she requests him not to discuss about her and Shiv’s wedding as only her parents have right to think about her wedding. She leaves from there. Narad thinks how to explain her that she is devi Adishakti and Shiv is incomplete without her. Shiv walks around the jungle while Parvati returns to palace.

Rahu asks Tarakasur he can’t understand why they are going for a wedding instead of taking revenge. Tarakasur says his intention is to marry Parvati and make her as his head queen. Rahu says he can disguise himself as Vindhya Kumar and marry Parvati. Taraksur says Narayan is very clever and will easily fail his plan, so he will kidnap Parvati as per his plan, then marry her and humiliate her. His team laughs. He shoots a bird. Bird falls in front of Mahadev. Mahadev picks it. Narayan tells him that asurs are troubling mankind since ages, only he can stop them.

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