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The Episode starts with Narayan using his Sudarshan Chakra on Sati’s dead body and it vanishes in the air. Mahadev gets angry. Nandi and shivgann shouts Mata. Mahadev gets angry and is about to hit Narayan with his trishul. Brahmadev asks him to look at Narayan, who is created by Adi Shakti and him. Lakshmi asks Shiv to have pity on Narayan. Mahadev says if anyone protected Sati and says we wanted to stay together, but nobody let us stay together. He asks why you all were silent when she was dying. He says I wanted to stay with her dead body till eternity, but you didn’t let me stay. Lakshmi says you are Bhole. Mahadev says I am Rudra and says his innocent is gone with Sati. Lakshmi pleads infront of him. Narad asks him to have pity on the animals who is pleading for their lives. Narayan says you have the right to kill me, and asks if Adi Shakti and your dream will be fulfilled with my death. He says there was a reason behind my decision. Mahadev says I wanted to stay with Sati till eternity and asks what is your reason?

Narayan says my reason is to prosper this world and says I have done my duties well as per your sayings. He says Adi Shakti and you have created this world, if you destroy it then you will become guilty of her. He says once if anyone dies, has to leave from this world. He says Sati couldn’t cover the journey till Adi Shakti, and she couldn’t bear it. Sati’s 51 parts falls in different regions of India. Shiv tells that he will gather Sati’s pieces and will go from here forever. He says I am stopping this universe destruction on your saying and says now I will not be guilty of Adi Shakti. He asks Devs and Devis to handle this world, and says I will go away from here with my Sati.

Narad says if Mahadev goes from this world then it will be a destruction. Sevika comes to Prasuti and tells that Narayan has made 51 parts of Sati’s body which fell in different parts of the region. She says Mahadev will search the parts and will go away from this world. Narad says if you go from here, then we all will become orphan. He says we will become powerless without you. Narayan says we are nothing without you. Shiv says I am nothing with Sati, now I have become a dead body and it is useless now. Narad asks Shiv to make the places as teerat place, so that people can pray to Sati there.

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that your circumstances don’t decide what you will get, but your patience and courage is the one which is tested during tough times.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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