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The Episode starts with Shiv telling that he is dead body without Sati. Lakshmi tells him that he is the basis of the world. Narad asks him to make the 51 places as teerat places. Narayan tells him that responsibility is the basis of love, and says if you took Sati’s ansh then your love will be limited. Inder Dev asks Nandi and Shiv ganns to stop Shiv. Nandi says if you leave this world then we will leave too, and don’t want to stay here anymore without you. Narayan says you have taught us that happiness-sorrows shall be stabilized and asks how can your decision be unstable, and says you shall set such an example which shall be remembered for many eras, else your love will be defeated. He says Mahadev, please stop. Others also plead infront of him, not to leave them. Mahadev says I will not let Sati’s sacrifice go wasted, and says Sati had sacrificed herself for the woman’s respect so that this world understand and respect woman, and says she has sacrificed herself to break her father’s ego. He says she is Jagat mata and to fulfill her aim, I will gather all her ansh and will place it as Shakti peet, so that this world remember her sacrifice and her aim.

Deeti rejoices and tells that now Asurs have no fear, and says now Shiv will roam the places and will forget everything. Rahu says 51 places will be covered for a long time. Shiv tells that he will go to that 51 places and says I give power to you all for stopping me from destroying the world. Suryadev, Chandradev and others get the powers. Nandi says we will help you to place 51 shakti peet. Shukracharya’s father comes to his father and tells that he wants to make Asurs powerful. His father asks why did you come here? Shukracharya says we got time to make strategy to strengthen Asurs. He says Mahadev was bringing Maha pralay, but stopped. He says Devtas can protect themselves, but I was worried for Asurs. He says until Shiv finds 51 parts, I will….His father says Shiv will find the parts very soon and that’s why we shall stop him. He says the people will worship Devtas. Nandi asks Shiv, how we will search Mata’s Ansh. Shiv closes his eyes. Rishi tells Shukracharya that Shakti peet will become Asur’s kaal and asks him to stop Shiv. He asks Asurs to get the parts to stop him and tells that Shiv ganns had insulted me, and tells that he will use all his powers to stop Shiv.

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