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The Episode starts with Mahadev taking care of his devotee. The devotee asks where did you go Mahadev, your devotees were tortured. Mahadev says he was distracted from his responsibility and tells that he will not let anything happen to anyone now. He goes. Parvati hears the people talking about Mahadev, and telling that he had applied lep to us. Parvati asks if they are not scared of him. The boy says no, and tells that the fear goes when we go to him. The guy says he sees his son in him. The lady says she sees her brother in him. Parvati gets surprised. She sees Narad on her way, who asks her to go and see Mahadev, who is treating his devotees. He shall enquire about him fully, before making an impression about him. Parvati goes. Mahadev tells a guy that very soon his pain will be relieved and the Asurs will be destroyed. Parvati sees him applying lep to the guy and thinks to see him fully. Taraka sur comes infront of Parvati Parvati asks who are you, and why you are stopping my way. Shiv hears her. The tiger roars. Narad looks on. Taraka sur recalls his informer telling that Parvati is at the Ashram, where Shiv is also there. He asks Parvati what is she doing here and asks her to give her intro. Parvati says she is Himavan’s daughter Parvati. Taraka sur tells that she is marrying his friend Vind Rajkumar. He says he is surprised and hurt with her behavior. She asks when did I hurt you? He says you are marrying my friend and eying someone else, and says this is Asakti. Parvati says she worships him since her childhood and tells that he is Shiv. He says what Vind Kumar will think if he comes to know about this, and says everyone knows that you was about to marry Shiv. He asks her to go. Sati says nobody can snatch her rights from her.

Taraka sur tries to hold her. Parvati turns to go. Taraka sur says she is good to become his wife, and tells that he will touch her by cheat. He is about to touch her, when the tiger roars and jumps near him. Taraka sur moves back. Parvati says you didn’t answer me. Taraka sur says you will get all answers for your questions, you shall know that I am your would be husband’s friend. He says you shall return soon, we will meet soon. He goes. Parvati turns to go. Narad says Mahadev is there. Parvati says I know, but that guy said right, I shall return home. Narad says how can you let others’ thoughts overpower you. Parvati says it is not important who was he, but what is important is what he said. She says I shall return home. Mahadev looks at Parvati. She turns to him. He turns his face. The song plays….Shiv Aghor hai….Mahadev turns to Parvati, as she walks away from there.

Precap: Parvati makes the Shivling. Mahadev says I can’t break this Shivling, as it has Sati’s memory. Parvati says I will go from here to marry someone else. Taraka sur says he will marry Parvati and will become new Shiv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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