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The Episode starts with Asurs starts their journey to find Sati’s pieces before Shiv, so that they can stop him from keeping it as Shakti Peeth. A storm comes to stop them. Deeti asks them not to stop and reminds Guru Shukracharya’s words and says we have to destroy Shakti Punj, as Shiv will be successful if he keeps it as Shakti Pind. She says if we manage to destroy even 1 Shakti punj then we will be successful, and asks Asurs to move forward. Shiv keeps the part on the stone and does its puja and aarti. Brahmadev says Mahadev is successful to keep Shakti peeth. Shiv says Sati’s two parts fall her, so it will prosper human till eternity and will give them wisdom. He says this places will be known as Siddhi and Avantika. Everyone folds their hands. Narad says mata’s shakti peeth will keep her blessings on everyone. Nandi folds his hands. Narad says Jai Ujjaini mata. Asurs are going towards the part, but finds the shakti punj missing. Deeti says we have to search it.

Inder Dev brings Rudraksh there. Shiv keeps one Rudraksh there. Rahu says we shall not search the Shakti punj, but shall destroy the Shakti peeth. Deeti tells that Shiv must be there. Bali says we are ready to fight with him. Deeti reminds him of Daksh’s death and tells that they can’t win from Shiv. Rahu says we shall go there after Shiv goes from there. Deeti asks if you didn’t understand why did he keep rudraksh there? Shiv tells that Rudraksh is my avatar, to remind this world that we can never separate, our love is eternal. He says I had promised to protect you, and says now I will protect you shakti peeth. He asks Shiv ganns to leave Bhrigu Rishi. Bhrigu Rishi tells that his Shiv ganns insulted him infront of him. Shiv tells that his Shakti Peeth will be worshipped as the epitome of love, will give strength to the women, and will give her message that body can be destroyed, but if love is attacked then it becomes eternal.

Deeti says Shiv will be there to protect Shakti punj and says if we try to destroy it, then Shiv will destroy us. She says we shall follow Shiv and he will take us to Shakti punj himself and once we find it, we will destroy it before he keeps the Shakti peeth. Shiv says he will visit all places and will keep the Shakti Peeth, so that it guides everyone.
Episode ends.

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