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The Episode starts with Shiv telling that the Shakti peeth will give inspiration and motivation to the women, and says the woman is Shakti, which is the epitome of love and the start of beauty, and the mountain of motherly love. He tells Rishi Bhrigu that he hopes that he got his answer and says even you need Shuddhi. Sevika informs Prasuti that Shiv keeping the Shakti peeth, and says if the lover is Mahadev then even Ansh becomes Devi. Prasuti cries and continues to pray.

Guru Shukracharya says Mahadev is great and says I didn’t see such love before and says we shall not hurdle in the way to place the Shakti peeth. Rishi Bhrigu says I am Daksh’s follower, but you are Asurs’ Guru, and reminds him that if Shiv gets successful then Devis and Devtas’s devotee will be tied by the Shakti peeths and this will be bad for Asurs. Deeti comes there and says Bali and others are searching the parts, and says if anyone is destroyed, then the Shakti Peeths will be destroyed. Shiv and others find Sati’s another part and Shiv names it as Chandrabhaga Shakti peeth. They all say jai. Lakshmi says the ailing patients whoever does puja here, they will get peace and all their wishes will be fulfilled.

Shiv holds the part in his hand and then places it on the stone after doing the puja. Nandi says Chandrabhaga Devi ki Jai. Lakshmi places chunari on the stone, while Shiv keeps Rudraksh on it and says it will not just protect it, but will tell that Shakti is herself complete, and this Shiv is incomplete without Shakti, and says when people do puja here, they will know that I am her Prem pujari. Narayan tells Narad that he is feeling something unpleasant is happening. Narad asks what? Narayan says Rishi Bhrigu will not be quiet and even Bali and other Asurs are missing from here, and surely they might be upto something wrong. Bali, Rahu, Ketu and other Asurs are searching for the Shakti punj. Bali asks Rahu to see through his powers and tell where is the Shakti peeth. Rahu says Shiv is coming from that way. They see Sati’s part and tells that they have to reach there before Shiv. Shiv senses something and stops. Narad asks what happened? Shiv says an animal is in trouble here, I have to help him. He sees the snake inside the well. Inder Dev says the well is very deep, it is difficult to go inside it. Shiv keeps his trishul inside, which extends and helps the snake come up. He finds out that the snake is Rahu, and gets angry raising his trishul on it, and then he throws his trishul to protect the Shakti peeth, to stop Bali and others from reaching it. He tells Rahu that he didn’t do right.

Rahu comes in his avatar. Shiv says I knew that you was in disguise of a snake, but if I had not helped you, then my adarsh would have broken today. He says because of you, people will hesitate to protect snake. He says snake is very dear to me, but because of you, this world will hesitate to help it. He says you will not be worshipped in this world and one day you will need help. Nandi says I will destroy him. Shiv says we shall not be diverted from our aim and shall not waste our times on cunning and evils. He goes to the Shakti punj and takes it in his hand. Lakshmi says we have less time. Saraswati asks him to do it like other parts. Narayan says the devotees started making temples on the shakti peeth placed by you, and they started puja also. Brahmadev says this place will be known as Manikarnika. They say Manikarnika devi ki jai…..Lakshmi places chunari on it.

Narayan tells Inder that let Mahadev go from here alone and the placement of Shakti peeth will be personal. Shiv goes on placing the Shakti peeth, while Asurs tried to search the part before Shiv. He says Mahadev had placed 50 Shakti peeths and one was remaining. Shiv reaches the last part, and holds it in his hand. He says Shiv’s Shakti and gets teary eyes.

Shiv’s message: He says Amavasya on Shravan Maas is called Hariyali Amavasya, and says on this day, Rahu is in his full power and today charity is done and bath in Ganga, Tulsi puja and positive thinking shall be done.

Precap: Shiv tells that you have left and I am away from myself. Shakti appears infront of him and says I will return again to complete our love story.

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