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The Episode starts with Mahadev telling that he can’t break this Shivling even if he wants, as it has my Sati’s memories, and I have to keep it and not break it. Himavan and Mainavati come there searching for Parvati. Mainavati gets upset seeing Parvati praying to Shivling, but Himavan stops her. Taraka sur says tomorrow Shakti will be mine and I will become Sarwa shaktimaan and that Shiv will become dead and I will be new Shiv of this universe. He laughs. Parvati puts flower petals on the shivling and it falls on Shiv. Shiv looks on. Narayan, Lakshmi and Narad are standing near Parvati. Shiv recalls Sati putting flower petals on his statue in Daksh’s place. He gets teary eyes. Shiv Aghor hai plays….Mainavati calls Parvati and asks what you are doing, tomorrow you will be getting married, it is not right to roam in the night like this. Narad asks her to reconsider her decision. Mainavati asks him not to interfere and says nobody from you all (Devtas), shall meet my daughter or contact you. Narad, Narayan and Lakshmi are stunned. Narad says Devi Ganga are locked in the karagaar. Ganga knocks on the door and says open it. He says don’t know what will happen. Narayan says this was Parvati’s first attempt, which Mahadev tries to stop, and tells that he is hopeful that Mahadev will help her next time and gets hopeful.

Parvati gets ready for marriage and asks where is Ganga? Mainavati says leave her, and says you are looking very beautiful. Parvati asks where is Ganga Didi. Mainavati says she must be seeing the arrangements. Ganga knocks on the door. Mainavati tells Parvati that only Vind Rajkumar has rights on her thoughts, heart and love. She asks Sevikas to make her ready. Parvati looks at the Shivling. Shiv is sitting near Shakti peeth. Narayan tells him that all the Shakti peeths belongs to him, and devi Parvati is the reincarnation of Adi shakti, and asks how can you let her become of someone else. Narad says we are all stopped by Mainavati’s promise and can’t go there, and asks Mahadev to stop this wrong happening. Lakshmi says yes Mahadev.

Vindya Kumar comes with his people and Taraka sur. The sevika asks Parvati to make Vind rajkumar wear the garland. Parvati recalls everything. Mainavati welcomes Vindya Kumar. Vindya Kumar introduces Asur Raj Taraka sur as his friend. Mainavati and Himavan get shocked and moves back. Taraka sur says I have come here with my friend and not to attack. He asks him to think him as a family members. Ganga overhears the Sevikas talking and thinks she can’t let anything happen with Parvati. She knocks on the door asking them to open the door, and the heavy wind comes and storm comes. The door gets opened by itself shocking the Sevikas.

Taraka sur says why the bride haven’t come till now, and asks Mainavati to call her. Mainavati sends Dasis to call her. Narad asks Mahadev to stop this wrong happening, and says Parvati came out of her room holding the garland.

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