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The Episode starts with Shiv holding Sati’s part in his hand and says I have created this universe with you, I have dreamt to start family with you, that you will become Mata…but you left so soon. He says on this place, your part (womb) has fallen down which makes a woman as janani…He says this place will be called as Kamakhya devi. Guru Shukracharya tells that infront of Bali, Inder Dev loses his light and Rahu and Ketu are good at creating illusion, and Deeti is the Asurs Mata, but nobody can bring Sati’s 1 piece. He says you all are disgusted and asks why are they celebrated. Deeti says the destiny has made sure that no hurdle will come in our way, and says Sati has burnt herself and Narayan has made her 51 parts. Guru Shukracharya tells her that their devotees will increase. Deeti says their union was problematic for us, and now Shiv and Shakti will never unite. Narayan digs the land with his hand, recalling Sati worshipping him, and how he was forced to cut her in 51 pieces with his Sudarshan Chakra. He gets teary eyes and keeps Sudarshan Chakra in it and starts burying it, when Narad comes there and asks him not to do this. Narayan asks him to think what he did with his Aaradhya and Sati. Narad says you have done this for Shiv’s peace, and this earth’s safety, and says the one is guilty who forced Sati to take this extreme step resulting in her end (he means Daksh). Shiv keeps the Shakti peeth, and says I have placed your 51 and last part and my duty is completed for you and your love. He asks Sati to say, how I will live now without you. He asks how Shiv will do his duties without you? Narad tries to make Narayan understand that Sati’s choice is not your fault and says you have saved this earth from Maha Pralay, and says don’t keep this Sudarshan Chakra away from you, may be it is with you for some purpose. Narayan says you said right and says he shall make someone understand this. The Sudarshan Chakra comes out from the ground and vanish in Narayan’s finger. Narad says Narayan will make someone understand.

Deeti says Shiv will not have his son now and he will be lonely and restless. Shiv says he was Aghori and brahmachari, but she dragged him towards the family life, and since she you went from me, I went away from myself. Shakti appears infront of him from her part and says Shakti can’t be away from Shiv and Shiv can stay away from Shakti. Shiv gets happy to see her. Shakti asks him to wait for her, for Shiv and Shakti’s union and says their love has to wait. Shiv says he will not wait and will not give any test. He says it will always be incomplete, I can’t bear this pain anymore, and says my love is eternal with you, and you don’t need humanly body for it. He says no human can bear your power. Shakti says you are the world’s hope and asks how can you become hopeless. She reminds him of his words and says this time when I return, I will not be involved with anyone emotionally.

Shiv says just like you will be born as human, that every moment, humanly emotions and inhibitions will surround you, and says we are superior as Shiv and Adi Shakti. Shakti asks why our love can be rekindled. She says I want my family life back Shiv.

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that the circumstances, destiny and time can’t be same always, and says when you are sad, just strengthen your believe in God.

Precap: Narayan tells that the universe can’t stay without Prajapati. Rohini and other daughter show the ashes to Shiv and remind him of his promise, and asks him to give life to Daksh. Narayan asks Shiv to make Daksh alive.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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