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The Episode starts with Shakti telling Shiv that she felt love when he lived the moments with Sati, and says she wanted to live those moments. She says as Sati, I understood why woman wants her home and married life, and says I want it Shiv. Deeti says Shiv and Sati’s married life is destroyed. Bali asks Guru Shukracharya to celebrate. Suddenly they feel the earthquake. Rahu asks what is happening? Deeti asks if this is Shakti punj’s affect. Narayan comes there. Guru Shukracharya says you are here, in Asur lok. Rahu asks if Devtas got misguided due to Sati’s death. Narayan says I have come here as I have to destroy Sati’s dead body due to Asurs. Deeti says it was destiny and says nobody can do anything against it. Narayan says if Mahadev will forget that you have provoked Sati to go there for yagya which brought Sati’s end. Shakti says I am sad that why did I burn myself, I didn’t think that my married life will be burnt with me. She asks him to give her a chance to rectify her mistake. Shiv says you didn’t do any mistake, this world has done a mistake, whatever you did is for women respect, you have destroyed Dakshayini and not Sati. He says after whatever Daksh had done, after that it was curse to be called as his daughter. He says I respect your wish, my body and heart is yours, I can’t see you sad.

Narayan asks if Mahadev will not know that Asurs tried to destroyed Sati’s body parts and tells Shukracharya that Mahadev will always remember that who calls himself as his bhakt, didn’t come to sympathize with him, but is doing conspiracy with Asurs against him. He says Mahadev will not forget and will not let you all forget it, and you all will get the result. Deeti reminds Sati’s words that everyone is responsible for her death, including Brahmadev and you, and says you didn’t stop Daksh, but was just watching as audience. She asks why didn’t you punish Daksh, when he was insulting Sati, and asks if Mahadev will forget this. Shiv says this world haven’t understood, but your destination is me, and I have understood. Sati asks how? Shiv says I didn’t choose Shakti but Ashakti, and tells that Ashakti is the reason for the problems in this world. He says you didn’t know about your divine powers and you was inspired with emotions and feelings, you got hurt with your father’s ashakti and burnt yourself, but I was Shiv, how could I become Ashakt. Deeti says you have upset Shiv and everyone, and says you are equally guilty and came to tell us that Mahadev will not say anything. She says you had tied Veer bhadra with your weapon to stop him from killing Daksh, and says even you are guilty. Narayan tells Shukra to tell Deeti, why he was silent. Ketu tries to kill Narayan from back, but Narayan cages him and asks didn’t your Guru teach you. Deeti says they have drank Amrit and you can’t kill them. Narayan says I can’t kill them, but can punish them. Bali says now you will have both Asurs in your hands. Shukracharya says Daksh used to handle the kingdom, what Narayan will do now, he will have enmity with Asurs. He provokes Narayan to free Rahu and Ketu. Narayan says it is our Tridev’s duty to run the universe, and reminds them that they all have to suffer for their misdeeds when Mahadev returns. He leaves. Shukracharya asks Asurs to forget why he had come here, and says Shiv is restless and his aides, brahma and Vishnu. He says we shall take advantage of Shiv’s situation.

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