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The Episode starts with Mahadev telling that he is going for meditation and if anyone tries to distract him, then he is not responsible for the consequences. Nandi says we want to meet Mata, but can’t upset Mahadev. He says Mata will make everything fine, and this Kailash will become homely again, Mata will come here and this Kailash will become our home. Deeti tells Rishi Atichi said right and asks Taraka sur not to kill innocent kids. She recalls Rishi Atichi telling her if she will let other mothers bear the same pain, which she had gone through when Inder Dev had killed her sons. She convinces Taraka sur that they will kill only Shakti and not any innocent girls. Taraka sur says my spies will search her. The spies come there. Vasuki tells Chandra Dev and Nandi that even we shall do meditation. They sit to meditate and get frozen with the fallen ice.

Taraka sur asks the spies to search the girl which is unique and who can relieves other’s pain. Taraka sur asks them to keep eye on the devtas, and says if Devtas will visit the girl, and seeing them you shall realize that she is Shakti. He says wherever you are, you will be killed. The spies vanish to go from there.

Ganga dances during Parvati’s birth celebration. She does her aarti. Himavan holds Parvati in his hand happily. Parvati song plays….Narayan says you are welcome on the earth, Adi Shakti. Lakshmi says I want to witness this divine moment and wants to visit her.

Narayan tells Lakshmi that this time they have to support Parvati, and shall not do the mistake which they have done when she was Sati. Asur spy asks the people about someone. Jyotishi Maa comes to Himavan’s palace. Himavan greets her and asks her to see Parvati’s kundali, and say what her future is. Jyotishi Maa takes Parvati in her lap and sees her kundali which appears on the ground. Narad asks what her destiny say. The baby touches her back and the lady gets fine and stands properly. She says my birth defect has become fine, and tells that what I can tell about her future, she will write everyone’s future. The Asur guy thinks surely this must be the girl. All the Devtas come there and congrat Himavan. Mainavati thanks them for coming. Asur recalls Taraka sur’s words that Devtas will visit the girl. Narayan asks Lakshmi, if you know what to do? Lakshmi makes Parvati wear bangle, from all Devi and Devtas. She congrats them. Ganga takes Parvati to the cradle, to make her sleep. Himavan asks the Devtas if he can ask something from them, and says seeing her face, she seems to be special and asks if she is special. He says you didn’t come to wish me for my other daughters’ birth. Narayan tells that Mahadev was staying here for a while and that’s why we have come. Narad says she made the night turn into day, and that’s whys he must be special girl.

Ganga keeps the baby in the cradle and says I will bring toys for you. She goes. Asur comes to the cradle and thinks to throw it from the valley, so that she dies. He tries to lift the cradle, but he can’t move it. He thinks he has to follow Taraka sur’s order and will kill her right now. He takes out knife to stab her, but she kicks him and he flies in air, falls out of the window and falls in Asur lok, infront of Taraka sur.

Taraka sur asks what happened to you? Asur tells that Shakti has done this with me. Deeti asks where is Shakti, and asks him to say. Asur tries to tell about Shakti, but faints and falls down. Taraka sur asks him to get up and say. He says you can’t cheat with me, wherever you are, you will be found and killed, this is my promise.

A tiger comes to Parvati holding Lotus in its mouth and throws it on Parvati, and bows down infront of her. Ganga witnesses everything shockingly.

Precap: Taraka sur comes to know about Shakti. He goes and keeps sword on Shakti’s neck.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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