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The Episode starts with Bhairav attacking Asurs in all 51 Shakti Peeth’s sides. He punishes Rahu and Ketu also. He says he will follow Mahadev’s order till eternity. Shiv comes to Daksh’s place and sees Sati’s hand impression on the wall. Everyone comes there. Prasuti apologizes to Mahadev and says I couldn’t save my daughter and your wife, and says in one day, I lost both my daughter and husband. She asks him to return her husband to her, and make him alive again. He says you are my Jaimata, and asks him to accept her request. Shiv says you don’t have any right on me here, my Sati has died here. He says I didn’t come here for any relation, but came due to my helplessness. He says you are a mother who tries to protect her child, but…Prasuti says I tried. Shiv says no woman here supported Sati, for whom she died. She says you should have rebel. He says everyone cares for their own, you want your husband, your daughters want their family for their prestige, Narayan is worried to run this world, and says nobody cared for Sati, whatever she did was right, as nobody deserves to be related to her. He says everyone wants their comfort, and says I will give life to Daksh.

Brahmadev says I don’t want this, and says I don’t think that we need King to run this world. Shiv says I don’t want your opinion, as you was silent. Narayan asks him to calm down. Shiv asks him to be silent and says why didn’t you cut Daksh’s tongue with Sudarshan Chakra, when he was insulting Sati, but you cut my Sati’s dead body in 51 pieces. He asks Agni dev to appear infront of him and asks him to return Daksh’s head. Agnidev says it is burnt and he can’t return. Shiv says Daksh was so much egoistic and I am sure that your heat couldn’t burn it. He asks him to return whatever is left, else he will end him. Agnidev goes. The fire comes out of havan and an invisible head (of an animal comes out). Daksh’s body stands up and folds his hand. Shiv fixes the head on Daksh’s body. The head becomes visible. Prasuti and others get shocked to see lamb’s head on Daksh’s body. Prasuti says this is injustice. Shiv asks this is destiny and tells that if this is injustice after whatever Daksh has done. He reminds her of Nandi’s curse.

Daksh apologizes to Shiv. Shiv says he doesn’t care and tells that he will become Aghori and will go away from here. Narayan says our Tridev’s murti will be broken. Shiv says it is your karma, and says if anyone tries to disturb me then I will burn that person into ashes. Daksh, Prasuti and others try to stop him. Shiv asks Daksh not to come in his way, and says I see my Sati’s murderer in you, and says my Sati died because of you, move away from my way. He says now nobody shall disturb me, and says I will not return. He sees his statue on the door and says where there is no devotion, there shall not be any idol, where there is no Sati, there is no Shiv. He makes his idol vanish from there. He then recalls Sati laughing seeing him standing from the balcony. He says Daksh had no love for Sati, so what her room will do here. He takes out his Rudraksh and throws at Sati’s room burning it.

Precap: Mahadev sees a man trying to kill his wife. He stops the guy and tells that he couldn’t protect his Sati, but will protect all women of this world.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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