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The Episode starts with Shiv burning Sati’s room with his Rudraksh and leaves. Narayan asks Shiv ganns to go and bring him back to Kailash anyhow. Daksh says I have burnt my house in my ego and made it crematorium ground. Deeti scolds Asurs for returning defeated and asks them to stop thinking about ruling on the world. Shukracharya asks her to calm down. Deeti says you would have created Shakti to make Asurs win, but you have no strategy to make us win. Shukracharya reminds her that he is Asur Guru. Deeti says this is truth and says if you are feeling insult then it is your problem and not mine. She says I have understood your competency. Shukracharya says I swear on Mahadev, that if you was not the woman then I would have killed you. Deeti says nobody can’t do anything. Mahadev helps the men cut the wood for someone’s cremation. The men thank Mahadev. Nandi comes there with Shiv ganns and request Shiv to return to Kailash. Shiv says when Sati left from Kailash, I have assigned you to protect you, but you didn’t protect her. He says I don’t need anyone and asks them to go. Nandi says my life has troubled him, what will I do by staying alive.

Deeti tells that she will take decisions for everyone. Shukracharya says she shall not show ego. Deeti asks him to leave. Nandi tells that even I will burn myself, and will give my life, atleast I will not be guilty. Shiv ganns stop him. Nandi says I will jump on the burning pyre and will die. Narad appears infront of him and reminds him that Sati couldn’t bear humanly avatar and tells that Mahadev brought you from death and you want to leave him when he is going through tough times. Nandi asks what to do? Narad asks him not to be emotional and says whatever is happening is for some purpose, destiny had fixed this long back. He says we shall not run away from it, you shall always support Shiv.

Lakshmi asks Narayan what is Shiv’s purpose to sit in the crematorium ground. Some men come to the crematorium ground and says we shall pray to calm him down. They pour ashes on him and play the drum.

Shukracharya is about to leave from there. They hear some noise. Bali asks what is happening? Sevika comes there and tells that someone is coming. Shukracharya says don’t know if she can give birth to the Asur alive or not. Narayan tells Lakshmi that Shiv also does things for the purpose and says his avatar will be for the humans betterment.

Mahadev sees a guy pushing his wife down on the floor for going to mayka and says today I will kill you. Mahadev scolds the guy and asks if you didn’t understand till now that my Sati died for women’s respect. He says Shuddhi is needed now, and says else my Sati’s sacrifice will go waste. He is about to kill the guy, but the lady asks him to kill her, but forgive her husband. Mahadev says this great lady got insulted by you, and then also she is trying to protect you.

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