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The Episode starts with Shiv telling that he will protect the women and this will be his shraddhana to Sati. He says until then he will wander. Narayan tells Lakshmi that there is some reason in this also, and says just the years passes by, the human will not be hesitant to do sin as Mahadev will do justice with the women. Lakshmi says I have understood his aim, but until when he will wander like this. Narayan says until he reaches his aim, he will wander. Deeti fights with the Asur soldier. Sevika comes there and says Vajrangi is unconscious, if this continues then her baby will be killed. She tells that they have to call Vaid Mata. Deeti tells that she will pray to Brahmadev and will get boon for him, and says Vajrangi’s son will be born and he will be very powerful and will become kaal to Devtas. She asks them to call all the Asurs.

Shiv thinks of Sati’s words. A boy comes to him saying har har mahadev, and who are you? he says you will get unwell with cold and asks him to go home. He then apologizes to him and says he can’t give him a blanket as he has just one, and he has covered his Mahadev with it, as he might be feeling cold too. Shiv looks at Shivling which he is holding under the blanket. The boy asks him to go and says Shiv will protect you, and goes saying har har mahadev. Narad comes there and tells Mahadev that everyone loves him, like this boy and asks him to return.

Deeti calls all the Asurs. She comes there. All the Asurs praises her. Vajrangi is brought there and made to lie down on the sharp nails. Bali says Vajrangi shall be in her room. Deeti says Vajrangi’s baby will be born here, and says all of our efforts and prayers will force Brahmadev to protect her son. She says Vajrangi’s son has to take birth safely.

Nandi asks Shiv to have food. Narad says their worry for you is their love for you. Shiv says whoever loves me, worries for me, but what about the person whom I love. He asks Narad to answer him, and asks him to go. He asks Nandi to go too, and says I want to be alone with my Sati’s memories. Narad asks if you stay away from everyone. Deeti prays to Brahmadev and asks him to protect Vajrangi’s son and give them prasad for their prayers. She starts praying and doing the havan. Vajrangi is gaining consciousness. There is a heavy movement of birds in the sky. Vajrangi gets up and shouts in pain. Brahmadev is shown. There is a destruction everyone. Deeti smiles. She asks Vajrangi not to be scared and says your son will become very powerful before his birth and says you shall feel proud to be the mother of a powerful Asur. She says Kaal will be born now. Brahmadev says some trouble is going to come. The devotees start praying to Mahadev for their safety.

Brahmadev tells Lakshmi that Asurs are praying to them. Deeti tells Vajrangi that she will get rid of this pain in sometime, and says Asurs Swarnkaal will be born, as Devtas Kaal will be born. Brahmadev says if they ask me for the boon then? Narayan says there is one hope, before Asurs creates some conspiracy, devotees shall convince Mahadev. Brahmadev says if he don’t agree then? Narayan says I am sure that Bholenath can’t ignore his devotees’s prayers, it will be fun to witness it.

Precap: Lakshmi says if Mahadev goes away from this world, then Asurs will take advantage of it and will become very powerful. Vajrangi gives birth to her son. Deeti names him Taadka Sur, and says time has come to rule on Devtas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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