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The Episode starts with Shiv asking Narayan to get ready to bear his anger. Adi shakti appears there infront of them. Narayan folds his hands before her. Brahmadev and others too fold their hands. Adi Shakti asks Narayan to calm down. Adi Sahkti asks Shiv, if he will come with her. Shiv gives his hand to her. Everyone smiles. Shiv asks Devi…why did you bring me here and says I have to give boon to that man, and says he don’t want anyone to suffer like me. Adi shakti asks since when you are giving curse, and says whoever is born, they will die. She says when you have lost Sati, how can you lose Shivatra. She says your Shivatra is the hope and reason for our union, if you lose it then you will lose everything, this entire world will become dead. She says you have to decide and vanishes from there. Shiv gets teary eyes and calls her. He sits down looking at her feet impressions. Nandi tells that he can’t see him like this. Narad asks him to call Shiv’s loved ones. Nandi goes. Shiv continues to look at the feet impressions.

Deeti keeps the baby Taadka Sur on the ground. The soldiers bring mad elephant there holding it by the chains. Deeti signs them to leave it. They leave it. The elephant hits them and walks towards the crying baby. All the Devtas in the Devlok looks on. The mad elephant comes near the baby. Asurs are watching. The elephant is about to keep its feet on the baby, when the baby stops it, holding its leg. Deeti, Bali and others smiles. Narayan tells everyone that this boy is born for wrong reasons, he will be curse for Devtas and boon for Asurs. Brahmadev says I hope Mahadev returns calm and Nandi and Shiv ganns get successful. Nandi prays to Bhoot, Pishach, Aghoris etc to come and calm down Mahadev. Shivganns calls all the animals and birds to come and calm down Shiv.
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