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The Episode starts with Chandra Dev telling Nandi and Vasuki that they shall meet Mahadev now and says he might be calm by now. Nandi sees Mahadev’s trishul and looks for him. He asks where did you go Mahadev? Asurs hear him. Taraka sur tells that time has come to rule on the world. Narayan tries to see where is Mahadev and closes his eyes. Inder Dev asks Narayan if Mahadev is found. Narayan says he has hidden himself from my divine sight. Mahadev is walking in the garden, his devotees walk past him, without knowing he is Mahadev. A boy asks him to have the prasad and says it is Mahadev’s prasad, your life will be successful. Mahadev takes it and eats.

Taraka sur tells that Maharaj Bali will do the yagya, and says he will sit with true heart and nobody will attack him. He says I will make sure who stops the yagya. He says wherever our Ashwa goes, Asurs will win and it is my duty to make sure it happen. Bali says Asur Mata’s advice is right. Taraka sur says they will talk about duty and asks him if he will support him. bali agrees and holds his hand. Taraka sur asks Deeti to go and convince Guru Shukracharya to do yagya. Deeti says I will go. Taraka sur says begin the yagya arrangements.

A woman is coming to Mahadev and asks him to stop the lambs. She says you are a strange man, my lamb got mixed up with your lamb, and you didn’t stop them. She says she is Himalaya’s daughter Ganga, and asks him to go far and calls his Lambs. Shiv goes far.

Shukracharya asks Bali to start the yagya. Brahma dev tells that Bali has initiated the yagya for Taraka sur. Narad says we are vulnerable as Mahadev is not here, and Asurs will take chance of it. Inder Dev says Mahadev might have turned his face away, but I am still here and will face Taraka sur. He vanishes. Nandi says he doesn’t let us say and went alone to destroy Taraka sur. Inder dev asks Taraka sur what does he think that their powers have vanished, but he is foolish to think this. Taraka sur asks the Asurs to fight with them. Bali is about to get up, but Shukracharya stops him. Inder dev finds his powers not working on Taraka sur. Taraka sur tells that he is Vajrang’s son. Inder says they had amrit and can’t die. Taraka sur says it is curse for you, I will give you such a cursed life.

Mahadev starts playing his damroo calling all the animals, etc. Inder Dev shouts where are you Mahadev. Ganga identifies Mahadev and asks him if he is Mahadev. Mahadev says he is Bhola. Everyone is calling Mahadev. Taraka sur tells that everyone’s destiny will depend on me. He asks him to keep his head down as he gets Inder dev chained. He says very soon I will rule on three loks.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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