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The Episode starts with Ganga realizing that he is Mahadev. Brahmadev asks Narayan to do something. Shukracharya tells that the yagya is completed. Taraka sur tells Inder Dev that there is nobody can save him now. He says this yagya was trapped to trap devtas. Narayan comes there as Brahmin and asks for charity. Taraka sur refuses and tells that before Ashwa’s sacrifice, you will be sacrificed. Narayan tells that the yagya will not be fruitful until he gives the charity. Bali asks him to ask what he wants. He asks him to ask what does he wants, and asks shall I give you food in bulk, or the never ending food, or wealth.

Narayan tells that he wants some land to rest. Bali asks how much land, you want. Shukracharya tells Bali that he is Narayan and came to stop this yagya. Narayan tells him that if doesn’t fulfill the promise, then his yagya will not be fulfilled. Shukracharya says he is Narayan, and will be cunning for Devtas. Bali says I have given the promise and will fulfill it. Shukracharya tries to change Bali’s decision. Taraka sur tells that he will destroy Narayan. Bali stops him and tells that he will fulfill his promise. Deeti tries to make him understand that they will lose everything. Shukracharya asks him to think. Bali tells that his respect will be increased and Devtas’ respect will lessened. He says this world will remember that Narayan went to ask Bali. Narayan tells that he wants three feet land? Deeti laughs and says surely he can’t be Narayan. Bali asks him to go and keep his foot on the land. Narayan becomes giant, he keeps leg covering the world and Dev lok. Shukracharya says I told that this is Narayan’s conspiracy against Asurs. Narad says this is my Narayan. Narayan completes the three feet, and apologizes to Mahadev for hindering in the yagya.

Ganga thinks she is getting attracted to Mahadev, and says Devi Adi shakti is Prakriti, though you have lost her. She says you are expressing the same love to the animals, tree, plants etc. She tries to feed the animals.

Precap: Shiv says now I don’t want to be related to this world. Inder Dev calls Adi shakti. Shakti tells that she will come again for him. Ganga tells Mahadev that she is in love with him.

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