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The Episode starts with Shiv planting the plant while Ganga looks at him. Narayan tells Bali that he has covered Prithvi lok, Swarg lok and Pataal lok, and asks where to keep my third step. Bali says Narayan, after whatever you have done, this world will remember that you had come here to take charity, and says about taking the third step, keep your foot on my head. He says this way you have stopped the yagya and my promise is fulfilled. Narayan keeps his foot on Bali. Deeti and Shukracharya shout Bali. The Asurs get shocked. Mahadev says no..sensing what has happened. He asks Ganga to go, as she has learnt to handle the lambs. Ganga says how can I go Mahadev, the time which I spent with you, I fell in love with you. Shiv asks her not to say any more word now.

Rahu shouts Narayan…Narayan comes in his avatar. Deeti tells Narayan that this is injustice, he has chosen Devtas over them. Narayan says this is punishment, as they wanted to do the yagya for destruction. Taraka sur tells that King Bali did this yagya on my saying and tells that he will kill him right now and asks him to fight with him. Deeti stops Taraka sur and asks him to see that he is Narayan. Narayan asks him to fight with him and says if you are afraid. He says I didn’t kill King Bali, but sent him to Pataal lok, as he was immersed in Yagya and has kept his promise also. He asks him to move on and says I will kill you right now. Deeti tells Taraka sur that she asked him to get suraksha chakra from brahmadev and then face Narayan. She asks him not to be arrogant. He says this is his confidence that he can kill him. He tells that his father Vajrang had loved Shiv, but what happened with him. He says he has hatred for all Devtas.

Shiv tells Ganga that he will be of Sati till eternity, and will love her and her values etc. Ganga says I didn’t imagine to take Devi Sati’s place and says I loved you, and knows well that nobody can take her place. She asks him to give some place to her, on his feet. Narayan comes back to his original height and tells Taraka sur that he can win the world with love, without lifting the weapon, and tells that he will be called as King without wearing the crown. He says if Devs, Manav and all stay happily then this world will be beautiful. Taraka Sur says we didn’t get justice or stability, and that’s why we don’t have love. He says Mahadev or you have done injustice with Asurs. Narayan tells that Mahadev has punished everyone, whoever has done injustice. He asks him to become Asur Tarak. Taraka sur is about to hit him, when Narayan vanishes and tells that he is behind him. He takes his many forms to confuse Taraka sur.

Inder Dev smiles in Asurs’ captivity. Narayan asks him to attack him. Taraka sur attacks his reflections. Narayan gets the weapon. Shukracharya asks him to leave Taraka sur. Inder Dev asks him to kill Taraka sur. Narayan and Taraka sur start fighting. Inder Dev asks Taraka Sur where is his strength and power, and asks him to see Devtas’ power. Taraka Sur falls down many times. Narayan gets his Sudarshan Chakra and says he will kill him today itself. Taraka Sur recalls Deeti’s words. Narayan releases Sudarshan Chakra. Taraka Sur thinks to cheat to get saved from death. He runs and sits for yagya, folds his hands and starts chanting brahmadev’s name. Sudarshan Chakra stops as he is chanting brahmadev’s name. Narayan looks on.

Shiv tells Ganga that he respects her feelings, but his heart medicine is Devi Sati and nobody else. Ganga says every girl wants husband like you, I want you Mahadev.

Precap: Taraka sur asks Brahmadev to give him a boon that only Shiv Shakti’s son can kill him. Brahmadev grants him the boon. Taraka sur says he is immortal. Shakti tells Shiv that she is again taking human form.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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