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The Episode starts with Taraka sur running and sitting to do havan before sudarkshan chakra can behead him. He starts chanting brahmadev’s name. Deeti says you can’t kill him when he is doing havan. Narayan frees Inder Dev and tell that he can’t kill him. They vanish from there. Taraka sur is still doing yagya. Inder Dev tells Narayan that they have to do something. Narad looks for Mahadev and tells Narayan that he has left behind Chandra Dev, Vasuki and Nandi behind. Inder dev says Taraka sur will want boon to become powerful than Narayan. Brahmadev says if Taraka sur’s Tap is completed then I have to give him boon asked by him. Shakti appears before Mahadev. He says he will not return. She says she will again take rebirth. He asks if she wants to give him the same pain again and says I don’t want to bear it again.

Deeti tells Shukracharya that if Taraka sur had prayed to Brahmadev, then bali would have been here. Shukracharya tells that Taraka’s yagya is going to completed. Inder Dev asks Agnidev to attack Asurlok to stop his yagya. Agnidev throws fire on him, but nothing happens to him. Brahmadev comes there and asks him to ask what boon, he wants. Taraka sur says he wants to be immortal for forever and wants Amritva. Brahmadev says nobody can give you this boon. Taraka sur asks him to swear on Mahadev and give him boon that he can be killed only by Shiv Shakti’s son. Shakti asks we have to drink the poison of this separation for our union again, and that’s why she will be reborn. Mahadev asks when they didn’t value you and don’t feel your pain, then why you are feeling their pain. Shakti tells that she is janani and tells that she can’t be upset with her children. Narayan tells that Taraka sur has cheated with Brahmadev. Inder dev comes there and asks Narayan to call Brahmadev back. Narayan says you couldn’t stop the yagya, but now Brahmadev has to give the boon. Shakti tells that they have to teach the people, that whatever happened with Sati, shouldn’t have happened. Brahmadev grants boon to the Taraka sur. Taraka sur tells that he has become immortal now. Shakti tells that her aim is her Shiv, she is coming again as human, to rectify my mistake and to teach tap, tyaag and tandav. She says she wants to teach that even humans can get devatwa. Shiv says this is against my wish, you will not do this, and if you do then your Shiv will not accept you.

Precap: Shakti tells that she will be reborn from Himavan’s wife’s Meenavati’s womb. Shiv says this time we will not unite. Taraka sur aims to kill shakti.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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